The Origin of Serpents: The Gang is Still Among Us!

When we talk about biker gangs, there is one name that never goes unnoticed. Southside Serpents have made their mark on all of us with their brooding yet charming looks. Every member of the Serpents has a unique personality you can easily admire. With their signature red southside serpent jacketthey roam around the south side of their town, claiming each street as their own.

Who are Southside Serpents? 

Southside Serpents had their roots from the 40s when the town of Riverdale was founded. They followed the Uktena tradition and borrowed some laws and the snake symbol. Once the Uktena were slaughtered, the land, according to Thomas Topaz, was divided, and one chunk belonged to the now called Serpents.

When the mass slaughter ended, Thomas formed the Serpents as a way to keep the family together. After this, FP took the role of leadership and indulged in drugs and smuggling. The gang from there took a more sinister turn. From there onwards, Serpents were hired by many powerful companies to do their dirty deeds.

In the currently on-air TV series, Jughead Jones III is the main character. He is the leader and the mastermind behind the evil deeds of the teenagers of the gang. As the current storyline tells us, Jughead was considered dead for the longest time, but recently the creators revealed what had actually happened. In a nutshell, Jughead is alive and is going to appear in the fifth season as well.

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How to become a Serpent?

Serpents are a group of petty thieves (and dangerous criminals) who reside on Riverdale’s south side. First and foremost, there is no resemblance to any real biker’s gang. The town of Riverdale is fictional, and so are all the members of the gang.

They have developed strict traditions and rules over the years, including rituals like beatings when they let a new member join them. The initiation ceremony concludes over four stages, which span from taking care of their dog, aka The Beast, to memorize and recite the laws established.

After this comes the task where they retrieve the knife from the rattlesnake’s deadly cage. Once these three tasks are done (successfully), only then the gauntlet is initiated. It involves a demonstration of dedication and loyalty towards the Serpents by some physical activity. They often endure punches, attacks and beatings from existing fellow members of the gang to show that they can take whatever comes their way even if their whole body aches and hurts.

If these stages are passed and got approved, the individual shakes hands with gang members and officially announced as a Serpent. The way of showing respect to the members differ for both genders. Females do a serpent dance, which is outright considered misogynistic by the audiences to gain approval.

The initiation of a new member is not surprising at all. At least for those who are invested in biker gangs. They are known for their brutality and raw strength in loyalty. As for Serpents, it is shown as one of the most dangerous gangs, to expect soft initiation would be downright foolish from the epic fighters.

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Why are they so popular even now?

Riverdale is borderline crazy, and this is the reason we love it so much. Southside Serpents are quite popular these days, even though the comics came out a long time ago. Drawing from the extraordinary characters from the Archie Comics, the television series is a treat for all the fans of fantasy.

From the land of a fantasy world that clashes from every stereotype of this world, Archie Comics is loved by everyone who realizes the worth of immense creativity. Similarly, once the show proceeded to the stage of production, the hype is real life, and social media took the world by storm.

It covers action, thrill, and entanglements just as the comics showed them. Jughead and the gang are shown in a noirish world where teenagers have secret casinos and do whatever they feel is right. (Quite impossible for us but imaginations can run wild.)

When the creators of the show, including Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, considered transforming these epic characters, they never knew they would do such an amazing job. From the hype of the latest season, the anticipation for the upcoming season has greatly increased, indicating that the hype is not dying anytime soon.

The show has already started giving out trailers and hints for the fifth season, keeping the Serpent’s legacy alive in the most authentic means. It is one of the flagships shows now, thanks to the cast who hates wearing anything other than leather apparel!

Learn to Dress Up Like Serpents 

Borderline crazy or not, the Serpents have a unique and unusual code of style. You need leather on top of the leather to match their outfits. Avoid any other fabric (quite literally) if you want an authentic look of one of their members. The leather serpent jacket is comfortable to wear and easy to pair jacket (as shown by the lead roles) since it bears most of the details on its back already.

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You can experiment with it or learn to copy their looks, but in either way, you can enjoy this rugged vintage attire on streets in every season. They give a certain vibe of nonchalance, particularly dedicated to this gang of bikers. Even in the show, they stand out from others of their age group because of their particular style and personality. If you want the same in your circles, you better start following the amazing cast on their fashion journey.

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Downright amazing, the whole cast has given us several occasions to admire each and every one of them in one way or another. From their style to acting, they surpass the average standards. This is the reason everyone is so readily accepting of their trends without any further questions!


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