As the world begins to reopen, it is the season to catch up on all the projects that have been put on a back burner over the past couple of years. With the natural shift back towards socialization, it makes sense that people are beginning to consider how accommodating their homes are to their lifestyle. The value of a comfortable and multifunctional bedroom, in particular, is on the rise. Remaining aware of trend predictions in bedroom design and style can keep you ahead of the game.

Your home should be comfortable, that is a given. Increasingly, this comfort is being equated with natural elements and forms, perhaps brought inside in an effort to expand the limits of a home’s walls. This tendency toward organic shapes and textures translates well into bedroom furniture design, where soft materials naturally pair with gentle curves and natural stains on wood finishes. Going forward, it seems the rich, bold color palette is likely to be replaced with one emphasizing warm tones. Where modern lines and clean angles predominated for years, the cottage style is making a comeback. Even, rather surprisingly, variations on traditional bed skirts and interesting textured furniture detail incorporating velvet.

Though this is more relevant for upholstered furniture, patterns and softer materials lend themselves to a certain style in bedroom sets, too. Clean and austere, it seems, are too closely associated with sterility and solitude, at least for now. As you consider pairing your bedrooms sets with appropriate bedding, blankets, throws, and even curtains, keep in mind the appeal of layered patterns and textures that draw on more senses than just the visual. Bringing a range of sensation into the home makes sense in a global context of quarantine and isolation as a means of creating a comfortable retreat that does not exclude the world but instead brings it inside.

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In every room, from living areas to kitchens to bedrooms and baths, an emerging element is the presence of a featured piece. This can be almost anything, from art or sculpture to a focal piece of furniture. In a bedroom, the art angle is particularly compelling. Combined with a strategically selected bedroom set, a work of art can unify a room without the need for extra time and effort spent considering additional accessories or décor. This is wonderful news for anyone on a budget, too, since all those extras add up. Combined with the availability of full bedroom sets for less, these trends support an affordable redesign that can breathe a new spark into your by now far too familiar bedroom.

When considering bedroom sets, keeping in mind stylistic trends, do not forget function. Multifunctional furniture is becoming more and more prevalent as people find strategic ways to make the most of their limited space. In a bedroom, this can mean anything from creating an entire home office beneath a lofted bed or using a trundle to accommodate guests without loss of living space. Even dressers include features like fold-out desks or tables that make the most of any room. Keep in mind the unique demands of your bedroom floorplan, and the ways multifunctional furniture can help you address them, as you embark on your redesign!

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