7 Awesome Ways to Get Your Morning News Fix

The younger generation does not seem to enjoy the morning T.V or flipping around the newspaper stuff. Even if you have a job and are not able to manage to read the headlines then thanks to the technology. If you don’t want to watch T.V every morning or you are lazy at reading the newspaper but still want to catch up with the latest US political news. Here are seven digital tools, from email newsletters to mobile apps, forgetting your headlines easily when you’re getting ready for work or en route to the office.

a). Need2Know

It is a free website for a weekday morning digest. The important thing is that it has important news which is easy to understand and comes up with relatable summaries. This website offers a satisfying mix of every news whether its politics, entertainment, sports, business, or stock exchange. Whatever you want to read is you will find on this website. The amazing part of the website is that you can also follow Other Shtuff which is the latest viral videos or memes. Another thing is that the team at the end of every email shares a hilarious relevant tweet such as nothing wrong with starting your day with a laugh!

b). TheSkimm

It is quite similar to the Need2Know website, provides a weekday e-newsletter. It has a charisma of really understandable and insightful commentary of the news which depicts the smart and sassy co-workers. This website knows what to say when and how to say it, just in an entertaining way such as “What to say when you feel the need to WebMD,” “What to say before a family dinner”

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c). The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet

If you want to read your news and that too from its source then The Daily Beast’s Cheat Sheet is for you. It gives you an update on weekdays mornings and afternoons on your inbox providing a summary, photos, and links to each news and articles if you are much interested in going deeper. The Cheat Sheet aggregates must-reads from the cream of the news crop (think Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Associated Press, and Reuters).

d). LinkedIn Pulse

The Pulse fusion with the LinkedIn app has made is much better and informative. You can sign into the Pulse app, available for Android and iPhone, using your LinkedIn credentials, then get access to a customized news stream based on your professional interests and your industry connections. In this app, you can also comment and share articles with the entire LinkedIn network, access worldwide news, and can see what’s trending on social media as well.

e). Yahoo News Digest

No doubt, over the years Yahoo has improved its network. This is a user-friendly iPhone app that provides twice-daily summaries of all the news fit. The amazing part is that each summary of the news is driven by many relatable sources that provide accurate data. This news includes key quotations, videos, images, relevant maps, tweets, and more relevant data accordingly.

f). Patrick LaForge’s Breaking News Twitter List

This consists of 58 top news sources across the globe. Including NBC, Fox, CNN, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Der Spiegel, and more, the New York Times’ editor for new presentation Patrick LaForge is very helpful. For Twitter fans, this is the best way to fix morning news.

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g). NextDraft

The Nextdraft provides a wide range of news. It covers every topic from health to wildlife animals.

Not only these, but there is a wide range of websites provided on the internet which have free access to daily US political news. You can subscribe to the local news as well to follow what’s happening around.

Many big broadcast channels such as BBC, CNN, the Reuters and more also gives access to their users. You can receive daily emails on the news regarding your interesting selection. The apps for these news channels are on both iPhone and Android.

The Flipboard app aggregates content from social media, news feeds, photo sharing sites, and other websites. It presents the articles in a magazine format and allows you to ‘flip’ through the articles, images, and videos being shared. Readers can also save stories into Flipboard magazines. One can have access to this app as well.

There is another website which is Morning Brew. It is very easy to use and gives daily notifications. Each day almost 2 million people access the Morning Brew for the latest US political news and about Wall Street to Silicon Valley. This website will give you easy access to the marketing sector. It shares statistics on the market.

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