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The eleven warriors is a website that broadcasts sports-related news and also covers Ohio State athletics. This is capable of providing Ohio state news, facts, and other insider information. The site has recently revealed some interesting facts about Woody Hayes, who is an Ohio State head coach for a long time. He is a hard-tempered guy and is acknowledged for his tendency to send off football players flying with bone-crushing blocks. 

Working members of the Eleven Warriors website!!!

It is an independent site for providing sports news and a fan blog for Ohio State Buckeyes. It is named eleven warriors because former OSU eleven warriors founded the site. The name of the eleven warriors is as follows:

  • Robert Smith
  • Marcus Hartman
  • Anthony Schlegel
  • Michael Doss
  • Maurice Clarett
  • Chris Spielman Jr.
  • Tony Hargrove Jr.
  • Jamar Martin Jr.
  • Orlando Williams Sr.
  • Eric Sugarman. 
  • Sean Nuernberger

They are making some significant changes in the campus insiders and also launched a new vertical named Eleven Warriors Ohio. The purpose of this addition is to cover the football games from high school to college in Ohio. 

A working team of eleven warriors football has many members and all do their specific job according to the president of the team. All other employees are editors-in-chief, columnists, journalists, and many more. They work together for the success of the site and to give all related and reliable information about Ohio State football. Although there are many members they are never just for their designation they love their work so the readers and viewers come back for more every day.

How do they commence their work for success?

Eleven warriors are not only a news website for OSU fans but it also covers almost all the latest features of Ohio State football as well as basketball. Viewers also watch and contribute in their daily blog posts, writers, updates on football breaking news and much more. The site does have social media channels that are active with engaging and associated and innovative content. Being respectful of Buckeye Nation, the online site also offers wide-ranging coverage of games happening anywhere along with Columbus Ohio State. It has great coverage and broadcasts all 100+ football games together with basketball games of men’s and women’s along with rowing golf and many more Ohio state games. 

For casing, this wide coverage all writers of eleven warriors and staff members are present at each step of the way. They give updates through social media websites such as Twitter and count the number of followers of the game along with other happenings via active blogs and tweets. Fans of the website always give their outlook analysis and other pieces of information on right and wrong following every game. 

There is a strong eleven warriors recruiting team as well that covers enlist at both positions- head coach Urban Meyer who is responsible for the safe and fast running of the most successful college sports programs with his tireless efforts. The recruiters of eleven warriors always keep an eye on every vision out year-round.

All about eleven warriors!!!

This was the site commenced by eleven Buckeyes who earlier was football players and played at Ohio State. This site allows people to watch recaps and previews of the game, breaking news, player profiles, related information and much more. Additionally, it proffers to viewers about free up-to-date score updates for all Ohio State sports on Twitter. The site also has a plan to launch an OSY blog that will cover all the topics including non-revenue sports for both men and women like Soccer and Lacrosse.

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After few months after its commencement, the site became one of the first autonomous media associations of Ohio State’s football program to report on potential violations. Along with this, it continues its custom of providing quality journalism to the University with solid ties about new football ventures. Viewers can also find their elite eleven warr podcast series named Eleven Dubcast which can find on iTunes or can be accessed via several Android Apps, including TuneIn Radio. Additionally, in recent times eleven warriors partnered with Big Ten Network for limitless live streaming of all games that are broadcast by BTN Plus.

How do eleven warriors matter to football fans?

Till now you came to know that Eleven Warriors is not just a popular and daily blog, rather it is the most imperative and high-flying Ohio State football trusted site, with a sternly reliable readership. It has maintained its position on the web and also thrived for years during high and low extreme times for the Buckeyes football program. If we talk about recent times it is the prominent sports broadcasting site that might provide the most reliable information on Ohio State football recruiting. 

All staff members of the site are the brightest minds to cover all college sports. They are also capable to provide admirable reports on other topics away from football along with all the themes of Ohio State sports. Now it is not merely a sports content provider but has taken the position of an institution. 

The site matters for numerous reasons. They represent everything sports lovers love to watch about the community with all commitment, knowledge and passion. Eleven warriors stories and content blogs matter a lot when the ESPN sports channel went all-in on the autonomous side of the Ohio State audience. It has become the go-to destination for sports viewers for being more and more informative. Because they are Ohio State football’s most prominent and trusted site. 

When the site was founded?

The name of the sports site comes from a prodigy of an 11th football player who played with ten others. It’s an important online platform for covering college football matches including a homage to Coach Woody Hayes’ bring-together with cry Thirteen men! Moreover, another reason for this chosen name is the collection of eleven members teams on social media or at Buckeye events. Finally, eleven warriors is an Ohio State football site with some of the most fervent and knowledgeable writers from all corners of Buckeye Nation. We cover everything from game recaps, detailed coverage of football and basketball game, eleven warriors recruiting updates and team analysis of any story. The site arises during Buckeyes season and strives to be the go-to destination for fans of Ohio State to maintain with their Buckeyes year-round. 

Furthermore, from the sports coverage of the college Eleven warriors have also covered singing day Saturdays of college football. It is an online platform that is designed for Ohio State football fans and also for Ohio State Football fans. With their passionate work, the site has become popular for telecasting football-related news and other information. Buckeye backers write informative guest blogs and live updates as well for other Buckeye backers and now it has become a passion for them. In the coming many years eleven warriors will continue to honour the legacy of Woody Hayes and other coaches who head the sight before him. 

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Does the website only cover the sports teams of Ohio State football?

Eleven warriors team aims to work like a family and also include their fans in their family. They are fully concentrated on Ohio because they want Ohio lovers to be content with the required information related to the state. For this, they have recruited some very talented writers to write blogs and the latest news, videographers and photographers to cover all media that viewers love to watch and enjoy in their comfort. 

11 warr game

Eleven members of the team were not known to each other they just use to play football with each other and grew up doing so. Nevertheless, all of them found success in careers outside of athletics. They thought together to build up an informative platform for the Ohio State football lovers so they can get all the latest news, information and every minute detail of the game. For this, they create an outlet for discussion about Ohio sports including writing articles and taking interviews with popular sports persons.

At first, their objective was just to reveal the game-related highlights along with the happenings behind the scene. They deliberated in such a way that no stone remained unturned and no story stay behind. They do this with the collaboration of their staff members who also cover every level of sports including high school, collegiate as well as professional. Their popularity and success stories are telling that the eleven guys took their job seriously and cover every nook and corner of Ohio State football for lovers. Now the recent addition of their podcast that can be heard once a week for the most up-to-date Buckeyes talks. Here in the podcasts Tony Gerdeman directly communicates with the athletes and tells many new things as well. 

How does their reporting criterion work for the football stories?

Eleven Warriors build their sports-related stories reports using comprehensive and user-generated content and sources of original forms of reporting. For maintaining their blogs on the web they have special bloggers and editorial staff of ten people who are designated to their jobs to cover football games and also the team’s recruiting classes. Their posts on the web come in four main diverse groupings:

  • Longer features of the game 
  • Short and quick hits
  • Headlines of the top stories
  • Ohio State football live updates for games

What is more, their published articles and individual tweets on Twitter are the main sources of reference for football fans


Ohio State football schedule in October and November!!!!

  • Rutgers by Columbus Ohio on 1st October 2022
  • Michigan State by East Lancing, Mich on 8th October 2022
  • OSU football vs Lowa by Columbus Ohio on 22nd October 2022
  • Penn State by state college Pa on 29th October 2022
  • Northwestern by Evanston III on 5th November 2022
  • Indiana by Columbus Ohio on 12th November 2022
  • Marry Land by College park Md on 19th November 2022
  • Michigan by Columbus Ohio on 26th November 2022

Full-season Ohio state tickets for 2022!!!

It is not an easy task to purchase Ohio State Football season tickets. The Buckeye club model gives a more simplified and flexible way to access Ohio state season tickets as well as parking. This year the annual model has been replaced with per seat input. In the previous state, season ticket holders need to pay an annual PSC to the Buckeye Club. Whereas in the new model of tickets the stadium is divided into six pricing zones and the cost of the ticket is based on the location in the stadium. 

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Benefits of the new model to the viewers!!!!

  • Based on the availability viewers have an access to away games and post-season games. 
  • You will get various alternatives for ticket management including Ohio state ticket exchange with friends and mobile entries. 
  • Flexible and easy mini payment plans where fans can create their payment package including any three total Ohio state games. 
  • Fans will also get an option to choose the seat of their choice through the seat selection process. 
  • In the new model of tickets, there is a support provider for over 1,000 student-athletes. 

Ohio State fans will get:

  • Mobile ticketing- This feature enables contactless entry into the venue.
  • Digital ticketing Guide- This is to manage 24 hours Ohio state tickets, You can also purchase and renew your tickets.
  • Disability needs- You can have access to tickets even if you do not have a smart phone and assistive technology for online ticket booking.
  • Facility for lost or stolen tickets- If your ticket for the Ohio state season has been lost then you can contact the ticket office in advance of the season. However, there is no guarantee that your stolen ticket will be replaced. 

Final words of Eleven Warriors and Ohio State football!!!

All in all, with their hard work and dedication the blog site has become one of the most famous and most readable Ohio State blog sites on the web. It is featuring the sports of numerous sports channels such as:

  • ESPN sports
  • CBS Sports
  • Bleacher Report

With this growth eleven warriors got the honor to become a popular blog site in mainstream media. They continue to grow at an augmented rate and have reached over 1 million page views in a month. Readers from all states of diverse countries participate in the tweets and blogs. Eleven warriors have committed to delivering discerning information about the Ohio State University!

FAQs related to Ohio State Football games and Eleven Warriors!!!

  • Where is the headquarter of the eleven warriors located?

The headquarters of eleven warriors is in Columbus, United States. 

  • For what are the eleven warriors known?

Eleven warriors are well-known for sports. 

  • How many national championships does Ohio State have?

Ohio State has won a total of eight national championships with five under Woody Hayes in the years 1954, 1957, 1961, 1968, and 1970. After that head coach Paul Brown led the two titles in 2002 and 2014 with Tressel and Meyer.

  • Has any season of Ohio State lost?

Through the 2019 season, Ohio State has a winning record of 23 tie matches, 924 wins and 326 losses. It is the only program in college football history that has never lost more than seven games in a single season.

  • What is OSU acknowledged for?

Ohio state university is renowned for its academic medical and research centre and cancer hospital. It also possesses more than 10 museums and galleries, an arboretum of 60 acres and a park of 4-acre land. 

  • How many sports does Ohio State University offer?

The Ohio State University Department of Athletics is one of the most respected programs and is offering a total of 36 sports in the nation. 

  • Can I lose my ticket privileges?

Of course, you can lose the benefit of your ticket if you have engaged in any of the conduct by either OSU or the NCAA. 

  • What is the name of the sports offered by Ohio State?

Names of the games provided by Ohio State Football:

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Men’s Basketball
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Women’s Gymnastics
  • Women’s Volleyball
  • Men’s Hockey
  • Men’s Lacrosse

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