CPAP/BiPAP machines

ResMed is a global leader in positive airway pressure (PAP) treatment, providing a broad selection of CPAP, automatic positive airway pressure (APAP), and bilevel therapy devices. Their devices for sleep apnea and ventilation are engineered to balance performance with patient comfort, reflecting decades of research and a dedication to better outcomes.

 A Resmed CPAP machine can cost anywhere from INR 25k to INR 70k or more, with prices usually rising for the finest CPAP machines with more advanced functionality. The pricing range of the series ResMed Bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) machines in India ranges from 40K INR to INR 1.10 lakh. 

 The price of CPAP machines varies significantly based on the features of the machine. The most basic CPAP units are frequently referred to as “standard” CPAP units. Of all the CPAP devices, these are the cheapest. To a particular air pressure, they must be manually adjusted. Standard CPAP machines release air at a constant pace throughout the night. CPAP devices function by pushing positive pressure into your airway to assist you to breathe easier during the nighttime while keeping your airway from collapsing.

Some of the basic features of Resmed devices available in the market are Resmed Floton™ Auto CPAP with Nasal Mask, ResMed

AirSense 10 Elite Manual CPAP Tripack (ranging from 26k-31k).  

However, Resmed CPAP devices including additional advanced functionality of Auto Adjusting settings surface up to the higher cost. Resmed offers a wide range of premium CPAP auto-adjusting machines designed to deliver comfortable therapy like Resmed S9 Autoset CPAP, Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset Auto CPAP, Resmed AirMini Travel Auto CPAP (tiny portable CPAP, offer top-quality therapy and convenient control). These devices range from 43k to 62k. 

Bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) devices have two different settings for inhaling and exhaling, making them more complicated and, as a result, more expensive. A BiPAP machine may be suggested if you have certain lung conditions or have trouble exhaling when using a CPAP. ResMed is one of the top manufacturers of BiPAP machines, offering enhanced features to support patient acclimation and adherence. ResMed machines include a wide range of BiPAP devices with the most advanced comfort technology to help with therapy adjustment, with models consisting of modes like CPAP, S, ST, T, Vauto, and various other enhanced features. Some of the leading easy-to-use products available in the market are ResMed Aircurve 10ST, Resmed Aircurve 10 Vauto, Resmed Lumis 150, Resmed Floton BiPAP (at the lowest prices). (ranges from around 34k to rising to 1 lakh).

Purchasing CPAP and BiPAP machines from one of the leading brands in medical devices, Resmed, is cost convenient and highly reliable. Resmed provides a Two-year warranty to all CPAP, bilevel, and ventilation devices (including external power supply units) with the best technological features one could ask for.





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