There is no better therapy than traveling and exploring the world. However, if you have a family to run and several other responsibilities, it can be really hard to save money for it.

In fact, a recent study found out that around 70 percent of Americans have less than $1000 in their savings account.

But don’t lose hope just yet. Going on vacations and traveling is everyone’s dream but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on it. You can instead plan your trip along with your savings and ensure that you have a pleasant experience within the limited budget.

I promise it’s not as tough as it seems. Here are a few tips for you to begin with.

  1. Create a spreadsheet for your expenditures

When you are saving money for a specific purpose, the first and foremost thing that you must do: is create a list of all the major expenses and record it in spreadsheets like MS Excel or Google sheets.

This way you get a clear idea of all the money you spent in a given duration of time and a template to help you manage your expenditure.

Personally, I will never suggest you cut off expenses from your hobbies because if you’re working 5 days a week, hobbies offer you a whiff of fresh air.

So, look for areas that incurred unnecessary costs and see if you can save some money from there. You can also make use of some tools or applications to effectively keep a track of expenses.

  1. Fix your destination and assess the budget accordingly

Before you begin this saving journey, pick your traveling destination. Every place has different kinds of spending, so before you move ahead, you must first know the place of your travel.  

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Once you identify that, you can now move ahead to create a budget with several factors in mind like the duration of your holiday, the transportation expenses, hotel fares, food, local sightseeing, and so on.

Once you know the kind of expenses your trip requires, plan out your monthly saving strategy. Don’t get overwhelmed by the travel budget, keep calm and have faith in yourself.

  1. Limit shopping

Shopping is a hobby for people across the globe, especially women. It’s always easy to succumb to the apparently exciting offers and discounts of the stores and buy things that you don’t really need. This happens especially with online shopping. People get easily drawn to lucrative deals and forget their ultimate goal.  

If you’re really determined to save up for travel, it’s time to limit your online shopping. Eventually, you’ll notice that you’re saving a lot of money that you can later transfer to your savings account.

I admit that it will be hard initially, but once you visualize your main goal, it will get easier for you.

  1. Make sure to transfer money consistently

Honestly, you have to sacrifice some things in the present to be successful in your future endeavors. If you’re saving up for travel, then make sure to deposit a consistent amount of money every month to the savings account.

If you’re a figure in mind that you want to save every month, you can deposit it whenever you have some additional cash. Don’t wait until the end of the month to deposit the entire amount at once, instead keep paying in small installments.

  1. Pay off your credit card bills

If you’re trying to save money, you must ensure that all your credit card bills are paid within the due date. Pay the amount that you owe to the bank as soon as you get your hands on some extra cash. Or if you’re a gigantic credit card debt, you can apply for a personal loan from at lower interest rates and pay it off, all at once.

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Also, refrain from using your credit cards to pay off bills; use your debit card instead. Credit cards may appear lucrative in the present but in the long run, it only leads to damage to your financial stability.

Over to you…

Saving money can be hard, but you must carry on and keep your future goal in mind. Visualize the amazing sceneries and places you will get to see once you board the train/flight. This thought will definitely drive you to save more and more. However, don’t over-pressurize yourself and keep the money-saving strategy simple and steady.

Once you identify that, you can now move ahead to create a budget with several factors in mind like the duration of your holiday, the transportation expenses, hotel fares, food, local sightseeing, and so on. There’s even the possibility of making some money by teaching English online or abroad, if you have completed a TEFL course at


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