Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE. This emirate of the United Arab Emirates is located in the Arabian Gulf that is the heart of the Middle East. The temperature of Abu Dhabi is extremely hot in long summers while it is mild in the winter season. Summer season in this city is oppressive, sweltering, arid, and partly cloudy but winters are dry, windy, mostly clear, and comfortable for you. All over the city is hot with a dry climate having no chances of much rainfall.


The best time to visit Abu Dhabi for your family trip or vacations is between April and May, or September to October. These are the spring and fall shoulder seasons that have very pleasant weather along with manageable crowds and budget-friendly hotel rates. However, you can also visit it during wintertime from November to March to avoid the hard and humid climate. But if you are looking for the best and reasonable prices, summer is your season. This is the time when Abu Dhabi has its peak season with business travelers and other visitors. 


Here we discuss the best times to visit Abu Dhabi and what you can expect during your visit. Also, contact any Rent A Car Dubai company to get your personal car for the Dubai trip. 


Best Times to Visit 


Winter Months 


As discussed earlier, Abu Dhabi is a hot emirate so it is recommended to visit is from November to February. It is the time with the best and cool weather where one can enjoy his trip with strolls and wander around the island. During these months the temperature of Abu Dhabi is average and it ranges from 9 to 25 centigrades according to climatic conditions. 

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During packing, it is advisable to keep warm clothes like jackets, shawls, and caps along with you, as these are useful when it is quite breezy. Moreover, winter sales are also held during different times in December but not at all stores and with no fixed time. But you can certainly enjoy The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) which lasts for a month. And during the same time, most shops and stalls in Abu Dhabi offer you various discount offers. 


Best Months to Enjoy Beaches 


In case you are a beach lover and want to enjoy your trip on the mesmerizing beaches of Abu Dhabi, then March, April, and October are the best months for your visit. You can surely enjoy the beach parties and picnics during these times as these months are not too hot to be outside and perfect for enjoying the cool breeze of the beaches. You can also visit from November to April if you want to witness the roadsides and amazing parks of Abu Dhabi with colorful flowers


Summer Months


The peak summer season in Abu Dhabi starts from late May to July and August. These are the hottest months as temperature during these months ranges from 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit that is up to 50C. Humidity levels are also very high from July to September, and it will be the worst and most unpleasant time for you to be outside. Although, evenings are slightly cooler as the wind is blowing but it is still hot with a slight dip from the day temperature. 

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When you step out from an air-conditioned room, the heat will surely surprise you. It is better to stay inside a hotel, shopping malls, or even in your hotel’s room to avoid such harsh types of weather. However, shopping during the summer season would be a great idea as there are usually sales in July. 


What to Wear During Your Visit?


Abu Dhabi as a modern city of the UAE has an extravagant lifestyle where designer and fashion labels are commonplace in the market. It is totally up to you on which occasion you have to wear that looks appropriate. But shorts and tight clothes look disrespectful as it is not according to the culture of the UAE. Skintight, short skirts, and revealing tops are not advised especially in taxis and walking alone at night. Keep in mind that local people there are fully covered and many of the non-locals but residents are strict Muslims. It is better to cover yourself properly including legs and shoulders and wear skirts, or pants at least down to the knees. 


Traveling in Dubai


No matter whether you visit Abu Dhabi in the summer season or winters, you should get your personal car for a convenient trip. If budget is not an issue, you can go for any luxurious SUV. But, if you are on a little tight budget, you can get a car from Cheap Car Rental Dubai company to enjoy an economical trip. 




Some of the best times for visiting Abu Dhabi are discussed in detail in this blog. Every type of weather and month has its own charm and beauty that you can enjoy and have fun with. But the best time to visit Abu Dhabi is during the cooler months. You can enjoy your trip much more with pleasant weather when it is not too hot.

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