10 Summer Wardrobe Staples for Women Over 40

Someone has correctly said age is just number, and fashion does not have any age. Well, these two thoughts might coincide with each other, but your personal fashion should not be dependent on the latest trend. Whether you are in the mid-’30s or 40’s opt for the fashionable piece that looks best on you. Since summers are here, you would get plenty of options to stock up in your wardrobe.

In the blog, we have comprised ten summer wardrobe staples that women over 40 can consider.

a). Tank Top

Tank top is one of the staples; it has many uses. You can wear them as the top in summer. Or you can combine it with other dresses to make the best for yourself. You can stock tank tops in all the primary colors like white and black. These are classics and go with all types of bottoms that include jeans and skirts.

b). Floral Print Dress

A floral cocktail dress is one of the must-haves for summers. It can be paired with trendy fashion accessories like danglers and shoes. You can look for the appropriate length of the dress. You can even wear them with jeans as a tunic. Do look for summer-friendly colors that do not absorb heat, and you remain comfortable all day long.

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c). Strappy Heels

You cannot go wrong with strappy heels. This complements all types of dresses that include western dresses and traditional dresses. It is one of the essentials for every woman. It will instantly up your overall look. Do get a pair of strappy heels for yourself. From parties to office, you can wear them anywhere with sheer confidence and look best.

d). White Shirts

Whether you are in the ’40s or ’20s, you must have a pair of white shirts. It is one of the versatile garments that can be mix and match with endless options. Also, white is a perfect color to wear in summer. It does not absorb heat and keeps you comfortable the entire day. You can pair it with a favorite pair of African skirt or jeans, or you can also invest in long, loose white shorts and double up as a dress.

e). Mom Jeans

Unlike most denim, Mom Jeans are the most comfortable pair of jeans which you can comfortably wear in the summers. For a casual look, you can wear it along with custom screen printed t shirts or crops. For a formal look, you can wear it with shirts and a blazer on. It looks trendy when styles appropriately.

f). White Boots

While you might consider boots for winters, you can surely wear them in summers as well. It gives an edgy look when styled with short dresses. For a statement look, opt for a body-hugging dress that is comfortable and does not cling on. A pair of white boots is also a perfect substitute for sneakers.

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g). Strappy Dress

Strappy dresses are ruling the fashion trends. It looks smart and uber-cool when styled with the right pair of accessories and shoes. If you are not comfortable with the straps of the dress, you can throw on a complimenting shirt or shrug. It will immediately enhance the look. Or else, you can wear it under the dress to give yourself back to school look.

h). Walkable Sandals

Nothing could be as comfortable as walkable sandals. These look sleek and perfect for the summers. Comfortable sandals with cushioned sturdy and soles and footbeds are in trend and practical. You can wear it along with a western dress and denim. Make sure you invest in the comfortable pair that keeps you at ease throughout the day.

i). Oversized Sunglasses

After ruling for the longest, finally, mini shades have bid adieu and have given way to oversized sunglasses. Bog frames look classy in all the seasons. The best thing about these types of sunglasses is that it goes well in kinds of faces. Also, it blocks UV rays and does not let your eyes get affected. There are plenty of options to try.

j). White Flares Pants

White is the color of seasons, and you can never go wrong with it. It is the most comfortable and trendy outfit. From shirts to crop tops, you can pair them with all kinds of dresses and look fashionable. Online shopping portal like Lifestyle has a wide range of white pants. Do check out their latest collection and do not forget to use Lifestyle coupon codes to avail yourself the discount on your shopping.

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In this blog, we have curated ten summer wardrobe staples for women over 40. Do let us know what your favorite summer must-have?



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