Indian Traditional outfits are one of the most hyped and popular cultural outfits in the entire world. Saris, Salwar Suit, Anarkali Suit, and Lehenga sets have become a major cultural shift across the globe and many countries have now started the following suit by adopting these costumes and trying them out in their own way. 

Besides sarees, one of the most popular Indian traditional outfits is perhaps the Salwar Suit – a set of long fabric tunics paired with matching pants of varying fit and style which is then matched with a striking dupatta – an Indian traditional shawl made with prints, embroidery or glitter work. 

What is a Salwar Suit?

Salwar Suit is a traditional Indian attire that is worn by Indian women as a casual form of wear. It comes in various different fabrics, colors, prints, added works such as mirrors, embroidery, handwork, etc. Each one reflects a cultural significance from various different places and represents the work from a particular region of that part of the country. 

Salwar suits come in a set of 2 to 3 pieces of the tunic – a top portion which is long and has significant work in the form of floral prints, embroidery, mirror work, and other hand work that adds value and design to the main portion of the attire. 

Then comes the bottom part which can be of varying fit – a long pleated bottom with numerous folds at the bottom, along the straight-cut bottom, along the bottom with a free fit, and with a cuff at the bottom, etc. All of these are patterns to the design factor for the bottom piece. 

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This ensemble is further enhanced with a shawl, traditionally called the dupatta which has a similar design and pattern to the top and bottom portion but has embellishments in the form of block prints, floral prints, mirror work, embroidery work, glitter work, and other handmade designs. 

Types of Works on Salwar Suit

Indian textile designers and craftsmen make some of the best salwar suits in the entire world. Most of these designs and patterns are inspired by the local regions that these crafts belong to such as Kashmir, Punjab, Lucknow, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Banaras, Mughal, etc. The fabrics used and the work involved are all different from one place to another. 

Below are some of the most famous works inspired by local traditions in India:

1. Crepe Punjabi Designs

Block printed garments with plenty of floral designs on crepe material are extremely popular from the state of Punjab. These handmade kurtas and salwar suits can be worn casually and look excellent on everyone, especially those with a thin frame.

2. Net Embroidery in Mughal Style

Mughal-style salwar suits are inspired by historical costumes worn by kings and queens with a royal touch but in a more wearable and modern fashion adapted for the new age. The net embroidered clothes are made in combination with silk or Georgette and look absolutely gorgeous

3. Chiffon Embroidery in Zardosi Style

Zardosi style pantsuits with zardosi handwork and dupatta are one of the major fashion statements when it comes to salwar suits. Chiffon is the most common material used for this design to keep the fabric light despite the heavy handwork.

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4. Cotton Print Kashmiri Style

Cotton printed salwar suits embellished with embroidery in the dupatta and the yoke of the top is one of the most preferred outfits for women in India. The heavier and more intricate the design, the more it is valued.


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