Redesigning Your Engagement Ring For a Stunning Facelift

If your engagement ring has started to appear a little blasé and does not feel like ‘you’ anymore, it is time to think about giving it a new look. Redesigning your engagement ring into a completely customised brand-new jewellery piece is a fascinating way to give it a whole new life.

The entire process of custom made engagement ring to add a touch of novelty and freshness may seem like a tough task. There is an underlying concern about risking a beautiful and memorable ring to end up with something that fails to represent your idea of perfection. You can deal with this gnawing feeling and navigate the journey of engagement ring renovation by following a simple yet structured process.

Your idea and budget determine the redesigning process

If you have been thinking about repurposing your engagement ring, the first step will involve getting in touch with your creative side. Updating your ring starts with a design idea that you find appealing and then exploring multiple options before deciding on the final choice. Your budget is an equally important consideration when thinking about overhauling your engagement ring. But the good news is, revising an existing ring costs much less compared to designing a new ring as you will be supplying the necessary materials.

Find a jeweller you can trust

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The next step is to find a reputable jeweller. This is a crucial step because it entails choosing a designer who will give life to your vision. The remarkable squad of a designer and an artisan can add more glamour and innovation to your elementary concept. Many independent jewellers are quite familiar with the process of redesigning engagement rings. Embarking on your engagement ring redesign calls for constantly working together with the jeweller.

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The steps of ring redesign

The first stage is to create a sketch of the ring to develop and understand the exact proportion of metal to gemstones in the ring. Several sessions of revision are sometimes required to get the design just right. The 3D printed wax prototype is designed only after the pattern has been perfected in CAD and has your final approval. Then the prototype is cast in either yellow, rose or white gold, or even platinum, to get it ready for the final set of the gemstones. The ring then undergoes a complete clean. A skilled polisher will polish the ring to perfection.

The entire journey of the engagement ring takes nearly a month. The process of redesigning is extremely nuanced and full of possibilities. You may know what you want at the outset but you will be surprised and thrilled to discover the vast possibilities of design once you meet the right jeweller. Not just emotionally valuable, your journey of jewellery remodelling will be cathartic.

At The Jewel Box, your ideas and dreams are in safe hands. Talented and experienced artisans will turn your inspiration into a stunning piece of bespoke jewellery. From captivating designs to exquisite artistry, The Jewel Box makes an engagement ring redesign an easy and enjoyable experience.

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