Engagement Rings That You Should Gift With The Ongoing Trends

Are you selecting a ring for your ceremony or for proposing your love on the occasion of valentine’s day? You may have hundreds of question running in your mind like which design should I go for, he or she will like it or not? Is my ring have to be very expensive than usual ones or not, what do I do? You can check on the latest fashion trends if your love likes to go with the trend. You can also check the ring with affordable moissanite loose stones.

Here we will discuss the rings which you can get for engagement or valentine’s day.

1. Rose Gold And Red Stones

Most of the people go with this fabulous colour. The red colour is a symbol for love, and red roses also denote the feelings of love when you gift it them to someone. To that end, you can find a rose gold ring or one studded with red gemstones to foreground the centre stone. The Cullen Moissanite collection is an exceptional choice for joining for those searching for red gems, although there are many more selections which you can go with.

2. A Dramatic Stone

Diamond cuts are trendy, and their popularity is skyrocketing. For stones, we see a rising interest in pear and marquise diamonds as the centre stones, and also these stones are used in bands. Many people start with the idea of centre stone because when it comes to finding the perfect ring for your partner. Fancy shaped centre stones including marquise, emerald and pear, have shown rapid growth in popularity in the past years and will continue to stay on-trend in 2020.

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3. Asscher cut diamonds

Nowadays, brides are also looking for vintage inspiration when it comes to diamond cuts. According to the latest reports, Asscher diamonds sale are increasing rapidly. The Asscher cut was a staple of Art Deco era, but if we set this cut on a delicate or sober band, it can look very modern.

4. Three Stoned Diamond Ring

Special thanks to Meghan Markle for the rise in the popularity of three stone engagement rings. And 2020 Brides even wanting more diamonds on their engagement rings. Three stoned diamond ring is an excellent choice if you wish to have multiple stones or a mix of shapes as opposed to one larger centre diamond.

5. Antique diamond cuts

Now more than ever, people are falling for unique diamond cuts to make their engagement memorable and shine. Also inspired to vintage designs, that antique diamond cut is having a profound moment. From old mine cuts to European cuts, the beautiful looks of these diamond rings can bring a wow factor to even the simplest of settings.

6. The Tiffany Setting

The tiffany setting was introduced in 1886, it lifts the round brilliant diamond above the band with six prongs, maximising the stone’s brilliance. This ring features an excellent triple cut, i.e. the highest grade in the industry and is available in sleek platinum, 18k yellow or rose gold, channel-set diamond or the pave diamond.

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