03 Takeaway Tips to Design a Better Custom Soap Box

You are ecstatic, thrilled, and can’t wait to share your innovative new soap with the world. But you know that competition in the market is tougher than ever. Every week a new product pops up out of nowhere and pushes retailers to add more racks in their outlets and forces brands to contend for the precious front-end shelves.

In this scenario, if you fail to come up with a striking custom soap box design, then it is highly likely your product may get lost in the crowd. In the present age, you need more than just a great product to beat the competition. And great custom soap packaging design can help you achieve this goal.

Unfortunately, creating a money-making custom soap box design is a daunting task. Sure, a professional packaging firm like The Legacy Printing can provide you some inspiration, but if you are in a sulk to do it yourself, then here are some useful pointers to keep in mind when designing a killer packaging for your soap bars. Check them out!

a). Attract Masses with Minimalist Design

They say, “Minimalism is not a style. Rather, it’s a pursuit of the essence of things.” It seems that the world is finally beginning to recognize the significance of minimalism as minimalist custom soap boxes are quite a trend these days. The design is proving to be a sigh of relief for buyers that are bombarded with both visual and written information at every step of the buying process. So much so that many customers even fail to notice the bells and whistles of package designs. After all, customers are pressed for time so it’s challenging for them to notice such details.

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In the present day, you can find several products that are all about minimalism, and their packages reflect that. The overall design of these brands is simple yet beautiful. They successfully leverage subtle elements to give their packaging a unique flair. While some try to hit the right notes with textured patterns and small icons to characterize different varieties of their soaps.

b). Get off the Beaten Track

To give the packaging a refreshing touch, several brands are coming up with novel ideas. While some are using 3D design to stand out from the herd, others are transforming their ordinary soap packages into exclusive boxes by using different printing techniques.

While others are opting for minimalist design to accomplish more with less. The cost-effective packaging solution for soaps not only brings your packaging cost down but also gives you the edge to sell soaps at less price as compared to the competition.

Also, you have the option to tailor your custom soap packaging by adding some details. These niceties deviate your packaging from standard boxes and make it easier for you to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

c). Make them Product Friendly

Each package is designed for a particular product only. So, make sure that your custom soap box should be carved in a way that it flawlessly depicts its relation with the product. If your containers fail to project their complementary relationship with the soaps, it can ruthlessly hurt your sales.

Take ketchup, for instance. The glass ketchup bottles have always caused problems for customers. To sort the problem, Heinz, a leading ketchup brand, came up with novel compressible upside-down packaging. The introduction of the user-friendly packaging enabled the brand to increase its sales by many folds as it made it easy for buyers to consume the ketchup.

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Thus, it’s the need of the hour to craft a unique but practical packaging solution that not only sets your soaps apart but also intrigue the potential audience to try your product.



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