Things To Pack For Solo Adventure Ride With Bike

I’ll never argue with you when you say traveling solo is fun. I agree, and I’d not have believed if I had not done that before.

I have traveled to two popular places in India in the last one year. I’ll share that details below in a bit. But, all I’m saying is I know what I’m talking about when I say what you should pack for your solo travel. Because experience counts here and I have done it twice in a year.

My first ride was so good but I did realize there were a few things I should have carried to make my ride more comfortable.

So, I have decided to share that with you so that you don’t face the same problem.

And, trust me you need these accessories, you can’t be like no no I’m good. Because I thought the same.

The first place I traveled was from Hyderabad to Vizag. It was around 350 Km journey. And, the second one was Hyderabad to Mysore, this was a bit short journey but a memorable one. For both journeys, I was on my Royal Enfield Himalayan and GOD it is such an awesome bike for travel freak like me. I’d recommend traveling by bike if you have proper accessories. The seats of this bike most comfy one and specially made for a long ride.

In my first journey, I wished I had carried some more stuff when traveling so long. This includes the accessories needed for my bike and the items required for me.

My first advice will be that you must travel alone once in your life. This is the best thing you can do. And, if you decide to travel by bike, you can double the excitement. Whether you are traveling with your gang or traveling alone, doesn’t matter but you must ride once with the bike.

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You must be thinking about how much can we carry on a bike, well. Many of us may be planning a quick ride once this lockdown is over. Today we are going to share information related to the things to pack for a solo adventure ride.

A good plan helps you to complete the ride peacefully and happily. Certain things are must and should when we are planning for an adventure ride. I’d suggest you go through the below article to know the complete details of the things that are necessary for a solo adventure ride.

Safety comes first when we are planning a ride. Make sure to have complete knowledge of the place where you are planning to visit. Don’t forget to carry the below-listed things to place for a solo adventure ride.

Her Are few Things You need While Travelling/Riding Solo:-

1. First Aid Kit :

As mentioned earlier safety is the priority for any mode of travel. Every motorcyclist should have first-aid training and they must and should carry a first-aid kit on their motorcycle. The first aid kit must contain self-adhesive bandage tape, self-adhesive dressing, rolls of bandage, a first-aid blanket, scissors, vinyl gloves, and first-aid instructions.

2. Adventure Tent :

You need to protect your self. The tent is another item that you need to carry along. You can find different sizes of adventure tents online. Buy one for you as per your requirement when you are planning for an adventure ride.

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3. Multi Fuel Stove :

The next item in the list of things to pack for solo adventure ride is Multi Fuel stove which can is compact and very helpful during trekking, campaigning, and adventure rides. Camphor Multi Fuel stove works on gasoline, petrol, diesel, kerosene, butane gas, white gas, etc. This will also help us placing a fire neat to the tent to be safe from the wild creatures.

4. Food And Water Bladder :

The next thing which should be carried for an adventure ride is Food and Water bladder. Yes! we need to carry at least a sufficient amount of food which can be considered as ready to eat. Rather cooking ready to eat foods are very best. Drinking water storage is always a challenge when we travel. Make sure to have good storage. Dry fruits are the best food item that gives us strength and energy and even tasty.

5. Sleeping Bag :

The sleeping bag is another item in the list of things for an adventure ride. Good food and good sleep always makes us feel better and help us in enjoying the adventure ride. So eyes full of sleep is must and should. The sleeping bag is the best option that covers your entire body and protects from harmful insects.

6. Electronic Devices :

Mobile and power bank are the major things. The mobile device is very helpful in terms of navigation, getting details about the places that we are traveling, and also helps us in connecting with the rest of the world when we are in need. Also, the power bank helps in charging the mobile when its battery gets drained.

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Bonus Advice:

Make sure your bike is equipped with the below accessories to keep you safe and comfortable in the long ride.

  • Alternator Guard
  • Engine Bash Plate
  • Engine Crash Guard
  • Fairing Crash Guards
  • Front Brake Reservoir Cover
  • Headlight Grill
  • Handlebar Raisers
  • Kick Stand Foot Extension
  • Luggage Tail Rack
  • Mirror Extenders
  • Pillion Foot Rest
  • Radiator Guard
  • Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard
  • Rear Brake Reservoir Cover
  • Saddle Stay
  • Wind Shield

Conclusion: Hey, make sure to share your traveling plans with us in the comment section, we want to hear about as well.


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