06 Types of Stove

There are many options in stoves. People used to think which stove is better for their use, there were many questions frequently asked that how many types of stoves are there? Or different stoves types? Or top stoves to buy?

So, this article basically deals with all types of stoves which anyone should buy or get for himself. Some stoves may be house friendly or may not, but I am here to provide you with information related to that.

1. Wood-Burning Stoves

Wood is used as a fuel in wood-burning stoves. It is known as the old way of cooking food but in some rural areas it is currently used. Wood burning stoves are generally made up of steel and iron. During this time, this technique was modified a lot.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to using wood-burning stoves. Some advantages are that the total fuel cost is somehow cheaper than heating oil or natural gas, fuel prices are sometimes relatively stable and nowadays, wood-burning stoves are advanced and produce less pollution as compared to the older times.

Some cons are there are a lot of places required to store fuel and if we compare that with other stoves it requires the larger boiler to handle the fuel.

2. Gas Stoves

These stoves are operated on propane and natural gas. Gas stoves are properly used as indoor stoves for grilling. Any cookware can be used on this type of stove.

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Nowadays, through several modifications, a safety system for gas leaks is also equipped in gas stoves.

3. Electric Stoves

There are different types of electric stoves. Electric stoves are now in fashion and most people are heading towards it. It is highly portable and requires fewer places. There are some types of Electric stoves:

a).Electric Coil Cooktop

It contains a spiral shape of the burner on the top of it. It is tough and affordable. It is good for heavy cookware.

It needs more effort for cleaning as it is difficult to clean it.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to access it because of dirt.

b). Electric Smooth Top Cooktop

It contains a smooth surface for cooking. It is easy to clean. This stove is good for the customer who doesn’t want to waste time cleaning the stove. This stove can provide a modern look to your kitchen as it is made up of ceramic glass.

c). Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop is made up of advanced technology so it is very useful and popular nowadays.  These stoves use electromagnetism to cook food. Under the surface of the stove, an electromagnet is installed which helps to generate heat for the purpose of cooking.

It provides safety to its customers, which makes this product very useful and reliable.

4. Downdraft Cooktop

It is a good choice for small kitchens as it doesn’t require a big place for cooking. The exhaust fan is also installed in this stove itself. But their ventilation system is not that good if we compare it to the old ways.

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5. Pellet Stoves

Pellet stove is very efficient, it is more energy-efficient than other stoves. This stove burns on a pellet which is made up of organic materials. There are two fans installed inside the stove. These stoves can be used as room heaters too.

6. Modular Cooktops

These are different kinds of stoves which are a combination of gas and electric cooking. It is an all-in-one appliance. And an oven is also installed in it.

These are some types of stoves which can be used by any person. You can choose anyone of these as per your requirement and use.

All stoves have their own pros and cons in it. And the cost of these is very different if we start comparing one by one.


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