How to Choose the Best Heating System for Your Calgary Home?

Do you know Calgary was named the 4th livable city in 2018? Residents of Calgary love the city as it enjoys 333 average sunshine days per year. However, the city also experiences some coldest days when the temperature drops to -11°C. If you live in Calgary, you need to invest in a good heating system to keep your family safe and comfortable.

To make things easy for you, we have shared tips on choosing the best heating system for your home.

Types of Heating Systems:-

The first step in choosing the right heating system is deciding the correct type. There are three main types of heating systems- heat pumps, furnaces, and hybrid fuel systems.

1. Heat Pump Systems

The climate of Calgary is continental, and it has very warm summers. However, the winds that come down from the mountain can bring down the temperature to 10°C or lower. It means you will need the heating system even for the summer.

Heat pumps are good alternatives to air conditioners and heat furnaces.  They are energy efficient and can be useful to warm up your house during summer and winter.  Water-source heat pumps offer higher energy efficiencies because they take advantage of the higher temperature of water underground.

Heat pumps can reduce energy consumption by 30% to 60%.  They are reliable, sturdy, and a good fit for most Calgary homes.

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2. Furnaces

The furnace works by blowing heat through the duct. The warm air travels throughout the house via grills or air registers. Do you know the coldest temperature recorded in Calgary is -45°C.? As per information from furnace repair in Calgary agency, the furnace heater is the best option to keep you warm on the coldest days and nights.

The furnace is permanently installed in your Calgary home. The heat may be derived from any source like hot water, steam, or air.  The most common fuel used in North America is natural gas. Modern high-efficiency is highly efficient and can operate without a chimney.

A typical gas furnace installed in a Calgary home is around 80% efficient.  The waste gas and heat are ventilated through PVC pipes that go through the house’s roof or sides.

Underfloor Heating Systems – Calgary is home to 1,547,000 people. You will find a wide variety of heating systems installed in Calgary homes. Underfloor heating systems are quite popular in the masses.  Though these systems are highly efficient, a lot depends on the installation method.

As per information from furnace repair in Calgary agency, these systems are expensive and tricky to install.  You need to give a thought to the type of carpets installed in your rooms before considering underfloor heating systems. During the winter season, Calgary gets only 8 hours of sunlight, and you would be spending most of your time indoors. Hence, you need to invest in the best heating system that provides good warmth and saves money on energy bills.

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3. Hydronic Systems

It refers to a heating system that uses fluid to heat the home. A hydronic system includes a network of pipes that are used to pump the fluid. The fluid in the pipe can be either cold or hot. Depending on the type of hydronic system, the fluid either radiates heat or absorbs heat from the surrounding environment.

Now that we have discussed different heating systems let’s look at other important things related to them.

1. Power Source

The heating system can be powered by fuel or energy. You need to consider a readily available and economical power source to run your heating systems. Some of the standard options available to Calgary residents are fuel oil, propane, natural gas, and electric heat pumps.

2. Distribution System

It plays a vital role in distributing warmth across the house. An ideal distribution system depends on the type of heating system you choose for your Calgary home. Air registers and ducts are commonly used in forced systems.  Hydronic systems use a boiler for heating and baseboard radiators for the distribution of warmth across the house.

3. Efficiency Level

It is a crucial factor in heating systems. A highly efficient heating system will offer good performance at lower operating costs. Most people look at the efficiency of heating systems while buying one. Some of the popular choices are hot water boilers, forced air furnaces, and electric heat pumps. Propane, new gas, or oil furnaces offer efficiency in the range of 78% and 96% AFUE.

To sum up, the Calgary weather does not follow any rules. January month is the coldest month in the year when the temperatures plunge below 0°C.  The tips given here will help focus on essential factors, and you will be closer to selecting the best heating system for your home.

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