Chubby Body Type and Swimwear

Mostly the girls either diet or eat a lot to gain/lose weight to get perfect curves. Because curves are to be flaunted at the beach-time and pool parties. Everyone knows that it’s very difficult to lose weight. One must go through a lot of struggles to attain perfect body curves. Whereas some people naturally have a chubby body type, so it becomes even more difficult for them to attain the curves. Some women get their figure altered after childbirth etc. So, it can be said that the perfect beach body has been a paranoia for decades.

Self-Love is the key!

But for some years with the prevailing concept of self-love and self-acceptance, people have learned to love and cherish their body types, meanwhile adopting a healthy lifestyle to sustain their health and body. Whether slender or chubby, every person is being taught to love their body and own it as it is. So that people don’t depend on their self-esteem and confidence on their body types and focus on more important things. Hence in this blog, Ishine365 discusses bikinis and swimwear for chubby body types. The chubby body types mainly include O/round or Apple shaped body, H/Rectangle or Banana shaped and figure 8 body type. So, let’s dive into more details!

Round shape:

An O/Round or an apple-shaped body has full curves with rounded tummy, bottom, and hips, a generous cleavage, as well as a waist with a little definition. You have a luscious figure, so make the most of it, no blushes necessary! Your perfect beach partner is a swimming costume that accentuates your cleavage, optically defines your waist, and draws attention away from your tummy and hips. Talking about the bikini tops, an underwired balconette bra top that both supports and enhances your cleavage will be perfect. Color is fine but avoids anything too flashy and vibrant. You can buy high-quality and long-lasting swimsuits from various luxury bikini brands. For around the body, coverage is the key. Full or turn-down bikini bottoms that you can fold over as much or as little as you like. The high-waisted bottoms are waist-defining. Moreover, their retro look is quite trendy and fashionable.

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H or Rectangle body type:

The rectangular body shape has shoulders and hips equally wide and the waist has little or no definition, giving a rather straight and androgynous figure with few curves. The key is to choose a swimsuit that redefines your waist and adds fullness to your upper and lower body. Perfect bikinis for this body type are the ones that add fullness to and enhance the curves of the body. Try a padded or non-padded bikini bra, simple or halter-neck, push-up, triangle top, or embellished with fringes, frills, and tassels. To add femininity to your style, choose a very seductive balconette top. For the bottoms, wear anything that gives fullness to your curves. Graphic prints and eye-catching patterns are also good choices. Last but not least, one-piece luxury bikinis or monokinis are a win-win for both of the above-mentioned body types because they are the most figure-defining. You just need to choose a perfect color and voila!


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