05 Tips To Choose The Lingerie Set Of Your Dreams

Did you know that 8 out of 10 men preferred to see their wives in lingerie rather than entirely naked? And you, what are your preferences in terms of lingerie? Here are some tips that can help you get the right lingerie set for your daily use or the big night.

Make Your Choice According To Its Morphology

Before thinking of the perfect combination of underwear capable of enhancing your femininity, the first absolute essential step is to know its morphology and its measurements.

It is crucial to define your silhouette before making your choice. Do you think your hips are too wide? High-waisted knickers of nylon dreams hosiery will refine them in the blink of an eye. What we mean is, opt for undergarments specially designed for your physique and are of good high-quality material.

Pick Your Lingerie Set According To Your Personality

Beautiful lingerie symbolizes romanticism, eroticism, and glamor. But to feel good and desirable in your underwear, it is always better to bet on lingerie that matches your tastes. Forget the string if your top priority is comfort. But, you can let yourself tempted for items such as a pretty tulle thong with refined embroidery or retro mesh waist cincher.

The golden question is, what style of underwear for what type of woman? If you are a femme fatale, then black lace nylon dreams lingerie must be a part of your daily life as a seductive asset. Or, if you are a fashionista addicted to any new trend, the triangle bra is waiting for you.

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Knowing yourself means finding the right ally – in other words, choosing the right brand of lingerie. Generous beauties will appreciate the collaboration of the biggest lingerie brands like Nylon Dreams Hosiery, Ballerina, or Jonathon Aston.

Choose it According To The Season

Our desires evolve with seasons. With the cold, we appreciate high-end lingerie because with this invisible accomplice, even under our big wool sweaters, we feel attractive. For your special long winter evenings, play sensuality with black lingerie made of exquisite materials such as silk.

When summer arrives, light and natural materials such as cotton take over. Dynamic or fluorescent colors invade our drawers. For little backless dresses, the bandeau bra with removable straps is essential. For the top, the push-up or basket bra or balconette promises a sensual neckline.

Find The Dream Lingerie Set For Your D Day

Dream Lingerie Set For Your D Day

Lingerie in white lace, ivory bustier, 12 strap girdle, garter belt, or traditional garter – the online lingerie shops offer a wide choice of the most beautiful women lingerie for D-day.

For the wedding night, let yourself be tempted by the sexy lingerie sets to spice up this moment. Discover the range of panties, thongs, and bodysuits. Prefer sexy, negligee, babydoll, and immerse yourself in the world of night lingerie. However, between what women like to wear and what men would like to see them wear, there is sometimes a gap. So, don’t feel shy to ask your partner what he wants you to wear on your special day.

Want to treat yourself at a low price? Take advantage of lingerie sales all year round.

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Bonus Tip:

If you are wearing a garter belt of nylon dreams hosiery for the first time, here are some tips to spice up your look. First, place your garter belt so that it does not fall out. The big question comes: on the hips or the waist? You choose! Both styles have a different effect on your figure. For a retro vintage style high-waisted panties, place the garter belt placed on the hollow of the waist. It redraws your figure by lengthening the leg. For a more modern look, place the garter belt on the hips. It lengthens the bust, enhancing your figure.

Final Tip – How To Choose Your Stockings?

You still ask yourself the same question as all women: What stockings to go with a garter belt? In the family of stockings and tights, there are two types: stockings, or “stay-ups” designed with a non-slip silicone band and so-called classic stockings. Stay-ups are preferred to associate your garter belt. Opt for a light silicone band. Otherwise, it will be impossible to hang it.


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