Your wedding day, when you want it to happen and where, is one of the biggest decisions you make as a newly committed couple. When weddings in Ocean County NJ happen has a big impact on the type of venue, the theme and the style too.

What time of year is the wedding?

A wedding stylist is great to hire as a means of helping with the decorating of the venue or venues. When you have a date you can let the season guide you with a theme and color scheme, unless you have something more personal you want to choose instead. Wedding venues Toms River in the spring or summer might be great in a Victorian garden with a marque, or a country manor.

If you want to marry around Christmas for example, it is most probably going to be an indoor venue, and a Christmas theme would make sense. Warm fireplace guests can gather around, poinsettias included in the arrangements, lots of reds and golds maybe. In July, you are more likely to want an outdoor wedding, with fresh flowers, a place for guests to gather in the shade should the sun get too hot, and seasonal blooms to suit.

Think about a theme or your preferred style

If the season or time of year is less of a factor you might consider with stylist whether a theme of some other type is appropriate, or if there is a certain style or impact you want to create. The color scheme, and theme, are important not just for the flowers, it affects to some extent what the bride wears, what the groom wear, what the bridesmaid dresses look like, the cake, the decorations and so on. If that is not based on autumn, a winter wonderland, Christmas, Halloween, it could be on shared hobbies you have as a couple, how you met, something you love to do together, a place you want to visit and so on.

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Take advantage of a wedding stylist!

Weddings in Ocean County NJ need planning carefully. When there is a theme, there is a little more work that has to go into it to remember every detail needs to be tied in somehow. A stylist will know where the line is between too much and not enough. They have the experience to remember things you might not like backdrops, table covers wholesale, chair covers, gift bags, lighting, and more. There are a lot of small details that add together to make a huge impact.

Coherence and consistency are important. A venue stylist can bring together everything to create an event you dreamed of. They have creativity and flair so they can be bold if you want them to be, or understated if that is what you prefer. What’s more, they do it with the budget you have given them. Whatever wedding venues Toms River you are considering, let a stylist bring the best out of it.


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