A Comprehensive Guide about Birthstones

Birthstones are meaningful and attractive for the personalities due to brilliant and glowing colors. Birthstone color has a deep association with the months of a year. These are unforgettable gifts for your loved ones for special occasions to make them everlasting memories of life and to give a wonderful charm to bonds of relations that are the basic requirement of life. But you will find more in them that is explained below

Whether you are in the market for purchasing a stone or you are deploying enough energy to explore birthstones color that coincides with each month, selection of the right place is the first step. In this article, we have narrated the origin of the stones, their classification month-wise including natural color and the myths related to the gemstones. These animated gemstones are used in jewelry items like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Historical Background of Birthstones

If we peep into the pages of history, it comes to us that these stones have Biblical source and breastplate of Aaron. This breastplate was decorated in a very beautiful manner with 12 gemstones, each of them was the representative of 12 tribes of Israel at that time.  For the adornment of this specific plate, the gemstones used were onyx, jasper, beryl, emerald, sapphire, diamond, topaz, agate, Ligure, amethyst, sardius, and carbuncle.

Today we all know the conversion of these gemstones into the birthstones, in the 1st and 5th century A.D two scholars Flavius Josephus and St. Jermone associated 12 stones of breastplate with the 12 zodiac signs. After this association, a single person used to wear 12 gemstones, one on each month, and next on the corresponding month.

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In modern theory of birthstones, each mineral stone is assigned to a particular month of the year and the individual can use for beneficial purposes only that gemstone that is bonded with his birth month. This concept was introduced in the 18th century in Poland by a Jewish gem trader.  Later in 1912, National Association of Jewelers finalized the birthstones list with minor addition that is still in practice.

What is Difference between Birthstone and Gemstone?

In theory these two words are used alternatively but there is a difference between these stones. When a stone is got from a mine and it remains in its natural shape, it is called birthstone. On the other hand, when this stone is cut for embedding in jewelry into different shapes, it is called gemstone.

Classification of Birthstones by Month and Color

As we have already explained that all birthstones are associated with the 12 months of a year. Further birthstones are also segregated in various colors by months. For selection of a birthstone, birth month and birthstone color are two key factors. You can dig out your own stone with the study of below knowledge.

1. January Birthstone

Garnet is January birthstone and it is for those personalities that are born in the month of January. In history this word was used first in 14th century but it was derived from the Latin word granatum having meaning seeds of pomegranate. The followings myths are famous for garnet

  • It is a stone of safety and self-improvement
  • This stone offers prosperity and very helpful in doing care of other concerns.

2. February Birthstone

Amethyst is February gemstone with purple color dedicated to those individuals that are born in February. There are legends related to this stone that are:-

a). According to Ancient’s strong belief, amethyst can save the owners from drinking

b). It assists in the generation of weather and power with its warn and cool colors.

This stone birthstone color is very appealing and is used in crowns and royal jewelry.

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3. March Birthstone

Aquamarine is the gemstone of March and the birthstone color is blue, belongs to a family of beryl. The attributes associated with the aquamarine are listed here

a). It enhances the communication skills in the wearers especially spiritual communication

b). It is tonic for the improvement of verbal self-expression.

c). Aquamarine is the gemstone of courage and protection

4. April Birthstone

Diamond is an April birthstone color found in various colors with dynamic traits but the most expensive diamond is colorless. It has the following characteristics:-

a). The four C’s about the diamond are well known that are Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carrot

b). It is the hardest mineral and also used in the industry other than the personal adornment

c). Red and pink are the rarest colors of diamond

This Aries’s birthstone is mostly used in engagement and wedding jewelry that is often worn by the elite class of the society.

5. May Birthstone

Emerald’s birthstone color is green associated with May. It is the national stone of Egypt, worn by the lady Cleopatra and in history, it was presented as a gift to royal guests of Egypt. In the current era, this is a symbol of pride and most of the ladies consider themselves as Cleopatra of today when they own it. It exists in the world with the following fictions

a). It is the best panacea for cholera and malaria diseases.

b). Emerald is a gift for the twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversary.

6. June Birthstone

June Birthstone is the pearl, the lucky gemstone for the people who born this month. Pearl is not mined but got from the mollusk. Myths and Legends concerning to the pearl are

a). Tribal Indians believed that pearls were the tears of their gods.

b). Peal is a symbol of wisdom and dignity that is gained step by step with experience

7. July Birthstone

Ruby’s birthstone color is deep red and is a gemstone of the lucky persons who born in July. The name of the word ruby is derived from the Latin word Rubeus which means red. Its prominent source is Burma. The fictions about the ruby are:-

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a). Wears of the ruby are undefeatable.

b). Rubies have a deep association with the feelings of love, anger, and romance

c). Rubies are gifted with a lot of healing traits

8. August Birthstone

Peridot is August Birthstone exits in the green vibrant glow and its main source is the Island of Red sea. This gemstone has the following myths:-

a). Peridot keeps away the spirits from the owners.

b). When it is embedded in the gold, it saves the wearer from the nightmares.

9. September Birthstone

Sapphire is a September birthstone that exists in blue color with a hard structure having no danger of scratches on it. In the ancient era, it was protective against envy and poisoning.

10. October Birthstone

October birthstone is Opal has the colors bright yellow, orange, green, blue, and red. Opal in a combination with multi-colors. It develops optimistic and creative energy in the wearers. It creates comic consciousness in Libras.

11. November Birthstone

Topaz is November birthstone and it comes in yellow hues. It invites joy, wealth, and good health. It creates honesty self-control and open-mindedness.

12. December Birthstone

The month of December has three birthstones namely tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise. These three stones have blue colors with their traits and chemical composition. The one that is liked too much out of these three is tanzanite, a rare gemstone discovered in Tanzania.

a). Attributes that are associated with the tanzanite are good luck, kinship, and protection from the evils.

b). Zircon is a symbol of dignity, purity, and honesty.

c). Ancient people used to consider it the symbol of wealth and prosperity.

I am sure; this article will be a complete guide for you to get an understanding of the gemstones of each month.



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