Unisex Clothing

Shopping is an experience for the most people-the option of picking this or that- therapeutic for some. But there is more to what we choose to wear than shopping therapy. What we choose to wear can represent our character, mood and even make a statement.  For the longest time, these have been defined by two groups, masculine and feminine. From store retailers to online shopping websites, menswear vs. womenswear has been drilled into consumer habits, and after years of conforming to these rules, shoppers are breaking out. 

Over the past few years, consumer needs have taken a different direction breaking away from the old rules of traditional binary clothing. The notion that people of a certain gender are supposed to stick to a particular apparel is fading. Social movements and Gen Z are redefining societal norms by wearing what they want rather than what is accepted from a commercial point of view. Unisex clothing has left the shadows and is going mainstream as big brands like Gucci and Burberry are bringing gender-neutral ideas to life by adding them to their collection. 

Reasons unisex clothing is important

Non-binary clothes have gained popularity, catering to both binary and non-binary wearers. But what is at the core of this clothing line? Is it just liberating wearers from gender traditions, or is it a fashion statement? There are several reasons why unisex clothing lines are gaining significance in the current modern society. Here are a few; 

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1. Sustainability 

While cheap and practical, fast fashion has adversely affected our planet because many clothes end up in landfills after a few wears. Most unisex clothing brands know the need for environmental preservation and employ sustainability in production. Using high-quality materials to prolong the lifespan of clothes, genderless clothes also cut the environmental carbon footprint. 

2. Versatility

Do you ever wish you could wear one fit for different occasions? You finally can. Non-binary clothes are made versatile to fit anyone and any occasion. As long as a compulsory dress code does not bind you, these apparel can be styled for different outcomes. The wearer can pair one piece with another or devise creative ways to combine, mix and match different designs that can work anywhere. 

3. Inclusivity

Going from one store to another, trying to find a comfortable fit, is the story of many people’s lives. Unisex collections break the rules of gender, allowing people to shop for what they like regardless of gender. For people who are looking to celebrate individuality rather than abide by societal norms, this clothing line offers a safe and supportive channel to do that. By mitigating gender identities in people’s clothing, these clothes have molded an inclusive space where all spectrums are free to express themselves. 

4. Saves money 

Cheap can become expensive so fast when you are replacing clothing because of wear or outgrowing them. Unfortunately, that has been the reality of fast fashion as trends come and go, the fabric used to make the attires hardly stand the test of time. Genderless clothes are a double-edged sword that discourages wastefulness. Because most brands use high-quality material, the consumers get the most years out of the fit. On the other hand, partners can easily swap in a household, and kids share unisex clothes to save money.  Even when one kid outgrows one piece of clothing you can pass it down to another without worrying about it looking tired and worn out. 

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Final Take 

Consumer tastes in fashion are evolving fast, and before we know it, the days of fast fashion will be well behind us. As big brands and clothing collections are taking the step to add gender-neutral clothes to their line; more people are lining up to accept them with arms wide open. And with all its significance, unisex clothing is the future. As long as the quality is good and it fits perfectly, gender-neutral clothes work for everybody. 


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