Slots Machine Games

If you are interested in learning about the differences between fruit machines and video slots, keep reading. Knowing how these games are similar but different can help you determine which one you want to play in a given situation.


Modern slot machines or video slots are the latest iterations of the classic fruit machines. Lately, retro gaming is making a comeback and the trend continues through the casino industry. Fruit machines have been around since the early 1900s, one of the only sources of entertainment in public spaces. Now, video slots are available online and in-person, with hundreds of different themes and categories, suitable for every personal preference. 

Advantages for Fruit Machines

  • Simple to use
  • Original design
  • Fast games

Advantages for Video Slots

  • More pay lines
  • Opportunities for bonuses and extra symbols
  • Jackpots
  • Better themes
  • Longer play


The differences between these can be narrowed down to the following: fruit machines usually have more minor betting requirements and smaller payouts. They don’t have extra bells and whistles, whereas video slot games are typically more complicated, much more visually engaging, with the opportunity to play longer and enjoy additional features.

The Basics of Slots Machine Games

In general, slot machine games share similar features and functions. The basics are the same regardless of whether they are fruit machines or video slots, physical games you play at a casino, or digital games you play online.

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The reels can have many symbols on them or be blank. When slot machines were first created, most only had ten symbols. Modern machines have significantly more. These might include things like the traditional symbols part of your game, scatter symbols, bonus symbols, and more. 

The more symbols you have, the smaller your chance of winning a large jackpot, but you also have a higher chance of landing on any of those extra symbols that could increase how much you win. 


When slot machines first came out, they only had one way to win and get paid. It was positioned right in the center and then they increased to three and then to five. These are what’s known as the traditional three line or five-line games. Like most classic fruit games. 

As games have expanded, you might look at a screen that has a grid with 12 lines horizontally and ten lines vertically, which means you have to place a bet on each of the squares created by that grid. On the off chance that the winning number or configuration or extra symbol lands in one of those squares. 

You obviously don’t have to place a bet across every one of the pay lines. However, keep in mind playing a game with the progressive jackpot will require certain bets. To win the big jackpot typically you must place bets across all the pay lines.

Extra Symbols

A handful of extra symbols can make your game much more exciting and long-lasting, especially for video slots. Bonus rounds and free spins take many forms depending on the game. They obviously provide bonus rounds or free spins depending on the rules of the game you are playing. 

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A multiplier literally multiplies your payout if you are a winner, sometimes doubling it, tripling it, or more.  If you don’t quite have a winning combination and you are off by one figure, the wild symbol can act as that one figure and make you a winner. In some games, this wild symbol also acts as a multiplier. 

The Basics of Fruit Machines

Classic fruit machines came about around the early 1900s. The Bell-Fruit Gum Company created fruit slot machines when regular slot machines were banned. These symbols on the reels represented different fruits and winning cash was not an option. Winners of these classic fruit machines would receive a piece of gum instead of earning money. Today fruit machines are still top-rated in many places. The same classic fruit symbols, including cherries, lemons, pears, melons, and oranges, only today the payout is in money instead of gum.

The Basics of Video Slots 

Video slots have more pay lines, extra symbols, and opportunities for jackpots which basic fruit machines do not. Video slots usually have better graphics because they are based on a theme, like Ancient Egypt, vampires, Ozzy Osbourne, popular television shows, movies, and much more. These games include scattering symbols and wild symbols, different images, and video clips from corresponding television shows or performances depending on the game’s theme. 


Knowing the difference between fruit machines and video slots will help you know which is best for you. If you are looking for something based on a television show you like or have the theme music from one of your favorite bands, with many more complicated pay lines and opportunities to extend how long your game lasts, you should go with video slots. If you are looking for something fun and straightforward, you should go with fruit machines with minimal betting requirements.