Some very common flowers found in India

Flowers are plain beautiful and add a great touch to the overall environment of the place it grows in. Every geographic location has different types of flowers available in abundance. The same is the case in India!

Here is a list of the most common flowers that are seen by all of us but we aren’t aware of! You can also order flower delivery in gurgaon online or just grab them where you find them!

1. Orange flame vine

This orange flower is so striking to the eye and so bright that it is impossible to miss its presence. The orange flame vine, also known as the flaming trumpet, is mostly found in India during the winters.

Because of the bright orange shade of the pyrostegia venusta, this flower gets much more noticeable during the winters and make for great ornamental flowers when grown in your gardens.

2. Bougainvillaea

The bougainvillaea tree is one of the most common flowers found all around us in India. They can grow pretty much anywhere at any time of the year! These evergreen flowers take away the spotlight wherever they grow!

Loved for its ornamental features, the bougainvillaea belongs to the vine species, hence they grow out of nowhere. But there are no complaints whatsoever because the flowers of this plant are so breathtaking.

3. Nerium Oleander

Another very common flower found in the country whose name is not known by a lot of people is the Nerium Oleander. It is a very common and famous flowering plant that is used in houses.

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The only thing to stay aware of this flowering plant is that it tends to be poisonous and hence cannot be added to foods at any cost. This flower can only be used to enhance the beauty of your garden.

This flower comes in hues of pink which make these flowers very appealing and mesmerizing to look at. Along with a typical and unique colour, this flower has a fragrance that is unmatched and can attract attention easily.

4. Yellow Oleander

Commonly known as Kaner, this flower is a species of the oleander flower too. Just like the traditional Nerium Oleander, the yellow oleander is also quite poisonous and must not be consumed in any way, shape or form.

This poisonous flowering plant is a native of Mexico, but it is now commonly seen in India too. This roadside flower, unlike the pink Nerium oleander, is found in a bright yellow which will add a great pop of colour to your garden.

5. Lantana Camara

This flower is commonly known as Raimuniya in Hindi. Even though it is a native of the tropical regions of America, it is now also found in abundance in India.

These ombre coloured flowers are quite toxic and are not supposed to be consumed in any form. These flowering plants are only meant for decorations.

6. The Peacock Flower

This flower is found in abundance in all parts of India but still, not all of us are aware of its name. originating in America, this flower is now cultivated in a lot of parts throughout the planet.

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This flowering plant is typically a shrub and has bright red flowers with a bit of a yellow lining at the borders. The seeds of this flower are poisonous which only indicates that the whole flower should not be consumed.

7. The Indian Shot

This is a very common flower found in India, especially in the wetlands, coming originally from the Caribbean region and some parts of America. These flowers can be seen in a range of different shades.

These flowers are available in shades right from a pale yellow to a burnt orange up to a bright red! The best part about these flowers is that they are edible and hence can be used for decorating food.

All these flowers are typically found on the roadside and can easily be plucked and used for whatever purpose you want. But if you cannot find a specific one near you, you can check out the different online flower delivery in chandigarh website and get these delivered to you.

You can also send flowers to Bhopal online as gifts so that the receiver can decorate his or her place with underrated, colourful flowers!


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