Top Tips for Mastering Each Section of SAT: Can Practice Exam Labs Tests Help in This Case?

Once the schooling is completed, every student plans to study in the college of his/her choice in order to strengthen his/her career prospects. Ultimately, it all depends on how well the individuals are in college. However, it is not that easy to get admission to any university. You need to go through quite a process in order to get enlisted. Thus, you will need to pass an entrance exam in order to prove your skills, which ensures that you are capable of getting admitted into any college or university in the USA.

This is when the SAT test shows up. It is run by the board of every college and is available from 1926 till these days. Every student has to appear for it if he or she wants to take admission in any college.

The SAT is nothing but a standardized admission test, which the students take to show any college that they are fully prepared for them. It holds very high significance in the US as most of the colleges ask for the SAT score along with the application form.

Main test sections

There are 5 main subject areas, which evaluate your knowledge of English, Mathematics, Languages, Science, and History. All of them form twenty 1-hour Exam-Labs SAT tests with multiple-choice questions each. Please note that you will be scored on a scale of 200-800.

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1. Mathematics

This module requires dealing with two levels that cover Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, as well as elementary functions. Both of them will have 50 questions that should be cleared within 60 minutes.

2. Science

This one covers Biology Ecological, Biology Molecular, Chemistry (85 questions), and Physics (75 questions). Please note that you will need to choose between two Biology domains, depending on your preferences. Each of these exam lab tests will have 80 questions.

3. History

In this section, you will be verified to have knowledge of the U.S. as well as World History. The first domain will require that you deal with 90 questions multiple-choice, and in the second one, you will have 95 questions.

4. Languages

Here, you have 12 options with 9 languages to test. Some of them, for example, Spanish, French, and German, can be chosen to take with the listening section or without it. Italian, Latin, and Modern Hebrew are only without the option of listening. As for Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, you have only one option that requires the exam with some listening tasks.

Effective study tips

As you can see, each section of the SAT has its own features and requires the usage of different preparation strategies. Therefore, if you want to pass each of them with flying colors, you need to know what to do.

a). Use diagrams:-

This is the perfect way of mastering the Mathematics subject. The diagrams given with each question provide an insight to the student so that they can draw conclusions related to the question and separate right and wrong answers.

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b). Plugin answer choices:- 

Another great tip for the Mathematics domain is to plug in the answer choices in the practice exam labs tests. This means that in cases where you are not sure about two options, you should plug it in and check which one works. It is the easiest way to check your options.

c). Utilize flashcards:-

This is the option that most students use to memorize the information that will be tested in the History and Science sections. You can create your own cards by writing the dates and terms that you personally forget from time to time or go for the ones that can be found on the official website or inside some guides. You can also use them for the Languages domain.

d). Listen to the speech:-

Studying with the native speakers for the Languages subject is the best way to know the language from the inside out but not everyone can do this. That is why there are a lot of CDs that you can listen to hear the correct pronunciation or check the info you need. For more visit


As you can see, you will need to know a lot of subjects to be able to pass the SAT exam labs test and open your door to applying for college. So, follow the tips above to ensure you score well and get admission in your favorite establishment. Be calm, follow the strategies, and you will surely succeed.

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