The crop-top is back! Learn how to style this look.

A lot of 90s fashion trends have made a comeback recently (we’re looking at you tie-dye clothing and platform sandals) but none are as charming and youthful as the crop top. While this trend was formerly reserved for young starlets and teen pop stars, crop-tops are everywhere this season. From cropped jackets to sultry cropped blouses, it seems this year hemlines are getting shorter than ever!

But don’t feel like you need a perfect body to rock this look, there’s a crop-top style that’s flattering for everyone! If you’re worried about showing off your midriff, opt for a crop-top made of a durable fabric that won’t lose its shape, like some of the styles offered by Steve Madden. A structured fabric is much more universally flattering than a flowing crop top! If you’re looking to save on your next purchase, try exploiting this Steve Madden coupon!

Now let’s take a look at the different ways that you can style a crop-top to achieve an amazingly put-together look.

1. Choose your length

Not all crop tops are created equally, In fact, there are many different styles and they all reveal a different amount of midriff! Pseudo-crop-tops show just a peek of skin if you raise your arms over your head. Then there are the real crop-tops that show off a small section of your navel and lastly, there are very revealing crop tops that reveal quite a large strip of skin. The higher the line of exposure, the easier it is to wear, so consider the length of your crop top carefully when shopping!

2. Keep it casual

A crop-top pairs beautifully with athleticwear and streetwear. Keep it casual by pairing your crop top with loosely fitting joggers or high-waisted leggings. Complete your look with a pair of sneakers and you’ll have a streetwear-inspired look perfect for lunch or a day of shopping!

3. Pair it with a skirt

Cropped blouses and maxi skirts are a match made in heaven! All fitted crop-tops pair beautifully with flowy skirts. It’s the contrast between a form-fitting top and a loose and flowy bottom that makes this an interesting and dramatic outfit. When matching a crop top with a skirt, it’s important to consider the skirt’s length. Crop tops work best with maxi and pencil skirts or skirts that hit just above the knee.

4. Make it a jacket

Don’t get trapped into thinking that the only way to wear a crop-top is a shirt. This fall, crop-top jackets are expected to fill the runways. You’ll be able to choose from casual styles such as cropped leather and jean jackets to more formal pieces like two-piece cropped pantsuits. A cropped jacket is easy to style too – wear it over a fitted dress for a professional work outfit or over a blouse for a casual weekend look.

5. Prep your skin

Wearing a crop-top means that a lot of people are going to be looking at your stomach, that’s kind of the whole point! On top of knowing how to style a crop top correctly, it’s important that you prep your skin first. Wax (if you need to), exfoliate, and moisturize your skin so that you always put your best self forward! 

6. Even men can get in on the fun!

That’s right – even men’s crop-tops have made a comeback! This is one trend that isn’t just for the ladies. In recent years, menswear has been shattering gender norms and adopting lots of styles traditionally seen as women including jewelry, high heels and capes. In fact, most people think that crop-tops were originally a woman’s garment when they were actually popularized by men in the 70s! So if you’re feeling bold this season, embrace this retro menswear trend!



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