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The retro gaming sector has indeed made a significant comeback in recent years and there is a great deal to play, as well as many sale and business-related opportunities linked to retro gaming. So much so, that one can be quite confused in this sector by the variety and choices available. The best tips for anyone interested in retro gaming are set out below. The aim being to provide the retro gamer with some insight as to the wide range of retro games and gaming ideas that have become brand new once again. These tips will help you to navigate the retro games segment, understanding the basics and learning how to access the games that you want to play.

Understand the various games

You need to know what retro is before you begin to look for games that have this tag. When the term has simply been tagged onto a game just to get you to buy it or for marketing reasons it’s not going to get you any points in the retro gaming community. Know your games, visit retro gaming chat rooms and forums and see what’s being said and if you relate to the retro gaming trends that are available. There may be games that are considered retro (from the recent past) that have simply been refurbished and still played on the old handheld gaming devices and those that have been remastered for newer platforms. If it’s a specific ’old’ game that you may have played and you’re looking for, then use specific gamer forums and social media platforms to search and identify availability and whether the games adapted version can be played on your current gaming hardware. It’s worth doing your research, as you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to the wide variety of games that are available.

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Don’t buy anything without a warranty or maintenance contract

If it’s an actual game, then even the smallest of Game Boys and Nintendo flip screens (Donkey Kong, Super Mario and many more), need to come with a warranty or guarantee, depending on the language of the seller. Basically, you need to know that if the game suddenly dies on you shortly after purchase, that you are able to have it repaired or at least contact the seller for a refund. Keep in mind that retro games are generally older and as such you should confirm that everything is working and test, test, test before you buy. Its vastly different if the game has been remastered, as then you will have the joys of the older game on a newer platform with improved graphics and smoother game play.

Know your joysticks and buttons

It’s a big part of retro gaming and many a gamer has purchased a platform or game only to find that their current controller doesn’t work and that the joysticks and buttons all have different functionality. Know and understand what the gaming accessories required for the games that you have chosen to palay are and ensure that you have them in preparation. There are certain custom-made arcade type games where you will be able to choose the specific buttons and joystick configuration and set the game up to play exactly as you need it to. It’s worth knowing and being aware that depending on the type of retro game you decide to play, you will have many more options that you think and that may exist with more modern versions.

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Know why you’re buying them

There are those who have bought into the retro gaming scene to play and then others who have bought in to make a profit and make some money from the games. If you’re buying retro games as an investment, then you need to really understand the market and then it’s about buying the games that are likely to hold their value and be able to be sold on. If you’re buying to have fun, then it’s about making sure that the game works and is ready to play.

Final remarks

Retro gaming is back and back in a big way; however, it will be essential to be aware of the tips as aforementioned to be in the best position to enjoy this sector to the maximum. As with any booming sector there will also be a number of cowboy games developers who are simply out to make a quick profit in the sector. The better informed you are, and the better you understand the retro gaming sector and the aspects that you should be looking out for the less the chances you will be one of the many who have bought the wrong ‘old school’ game, only to be disappointed.

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