10 Features To Look For In A Premium WordPress Theme

If you are already on the WordPress bandwagon then the importance of a top-notch theme must be evident by now. For people who don’t choose the right theme, they frequently perform changes on HTML. To convert HTML to WordPress themes one needs knowledge of coding and must maintain several backups to avoid problems from arising.

WordPress themes are diverse in case of functionality, pricing, features, etc. There are several theme options for people from all businesses. The best choice would be to go for a premium theme that showcases a hoard of high-end features. These features would ideally allow you to modify your theme to a large extent and add functions that would otherwise need intense coding at the back end.

We have curated a list of 10 features that any WordPress website owner must look for in a premium theme.

1. Social Media Sharing

Your theme must be compatible with a range of social networking channels. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or even Twitter, the greater your digital presence is linked, the better your business will bloom. This allows you to gain more shares of your website on social media platforms.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Choosing a premium theme that prioritizes SEO factors is a brilliant decision. Website speed optimization, alt text checkups, keyword statistics, microformats, all are crucial to ensuring your site is in sync with SEO concepts that help you rank higher on search engines.

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In the rare event that you do need to convert your PSD to WordPress theme, SEO can cease to exist. A premium theme ensures that all your SEO is backed-up securely.

3. Coding Friendly

Several website owners need to access their backend and make edits to their code to achieve desired changes. A premium theme with a well-documented organization structure can make it easier to navigate through complicated code and arrive at your to-be-changed pieces of code. HTML? CSS? JavaScript? PHP? A premium theme must equally simplify the process of modification for all these coding languages.

4. Standard Compliant Coding

Each piece of code must function smoothly and be easy to maintain in the long run. Basically, quality code that complies with WordPress standards is something that your premium theme must-have. Check out the theme reviews for greater insight on this feature.

5. Theme Customization

Maximum flexibility must be offered with regards to theme customization. Font, background-color palettes, logos, video, audio, podcasts, each element must be easy-to-access and the time required to make the change must be of the sorts of lightning speed. People may have to convert their themes to HTML format and then post making changes convert HTML to WordPress theme again. These instances must cease to arise with a premium theme.

6. Automatic Instant Support

Premium themes must have a feature that provides instant support for all questions related to the theme. This allows for great user experience and even better user-satisfaction. On-screen support panels and live chat support are 2 great ways to simplify the lives of premium WordPress theme users. And they deserve it, don’t you think?

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7. Auto Upgrades

Premium theme users should not have to look and search for upgrades. All latest releases, changes, additions, and feature updates must be informed to the theme owner. Think about it. A basic theme user may not be aware that a new update allows for social media management plugins. This would lead to the user downloading or even paying for such a plugin. If the user was informed of the upgrade in features, he/she would not spend money or waste time. Basically efficiency faces a spike!

8. Responsiveness

Premium features need to be responsive despite the complex structure behind their simplicity. Irrespective of the number of content types used – be it video, audio, GIFs, interactive posts with polls, etc. – the theme must be utterly responsive. Several premium responsive themes have prioritized this factor for increasing the effectiveness of workflows on WordPress altogether.

9. Data Security and Privacy

Several premium themes come with the leisure of added security and private data protection. Users would be relieved of the hassle to download additional security plugins and constantly perform monitoring checks. Premium themes would raise an alert in case of plagiarism detection, site hacks, private data leaks, or suspected unlawful activity on the backend of your website. This feature can go a long way in saving up thousands of dollars worth of effort and resources.

10. Client-Focused Functionality

Each premium theme must have extensive arrangements for the niches that they are catering too. Ecommerce themes must have in-built cart options with a range of features within the cart itself. Sports themes must have allocated information pages for the reason the user has visited the website – to make a purchase, read reviews, latest updates, or drop feedback. When greater efforts are put into ensuring this feature is up to the mark, a theme receives widespread credibility and trust.

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We know, eventually you’re going to choose what you like. But remember to think 5 steps ahead when making such investments.



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