Html to WordPress Conversion: Fundamental Tips That Make Your Migration Successful

Back in time, HTML was in the list of those platforms that build websites. However, soon, its aura fades away. It does not imply that HTML 5 cannot create websites, besides, the recent version, HTML 5 is known as a robust platform that can make high-quality websites. Also, this platform does not entertain the Content Management System (CMS).

But, when this platform is compared with WordPress, it does not stand nearby. Popular as an all-in-one, fully-featured platform, WordPress is the best for creating websites. Undeniably, there is not an exemption that why this CMS is winning the hearts of everyone. It has several widgets, plugins, and themes that enhance the website’s credibility that makes it the only choice for building websites.

So, if your business requires a powerful business website without the issues of Static HTML then, we advise you to convert HTML to WordPress theme.

Many reasons make WordPress ahead from HTML. The main part where HTML lacks is that customizing, optimizing, managing, and handling static HTML websites demands a lot of resources, risks, and manpower. Moreover, the HTML takes more attempt to alter the HTML code for modifying the architecture, hence, saying that it is time-consuming is not wrong. This demands proficiency in the technical skills for content updation.

Look at the below statistics to know-how WordPress on top of all:

a). The Internet has 35% of its website share.

b). 60.8% approximately is the measured WordPress market share.

c). 14.7% is its proportion of empowering the worlds’ leading websites.

d). Approximately 500+ websites are created every day using this platform.

e). 55000+ are plugins in the WordPress directory.

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We are here to reveal how HTML to WordPress is not a daunting task. It cannot be completed in some time without any errors. Keep on reading!!

Simple Ideas to Migrate from HTML to WordPress Themes

1. Create the Child Theme

If you don’t need to lose confidential data with the customized HTML themes, and you require to migrate to WordPress themes, then you must choose the child theme. For that, you can take assistance from WordPress by using the parent-child hierarchy. The child theme includes a characteristic in the parent theme itself.

The recent version can be obtained without loosing the previously customized themes. You need to consider a few fundamentals while updating WordPress themes manually. Before activation of the recent theme version, make sure that the file names of the old and the new versions are different.

The record does not accept two files of the identical name. It sounded a little complicated but after starting tracing the actions as mentioned above, things become easier. The steps might be used for accessible WordPress themes and customized ones. So, navigate ahead and upgrade even the customized WordPress themes and relish the perks.

2. Download the New Version

By the better-customized themes from the Premium version, automatically updating is not an alternative because it can generate a problem with the present theme. The manual method begins by downloading the recent theme version. For that, the account can be added. Right after that, download and pick the WordPress theme you need for updating. And, then, the new version will begin the downloading process. It assures that the spendings on the customization services are not getting wasted.

3. Automated Updation

WordPress’s new version is the simplest ways for updating the WordPress plugin. Creating a customized theme is also probable with this. From the new version, you will get notifications about the theme accessibility. WordPress dashboard has the theme section that has the “Appearance button”; you need to select that. It will show you the number of accessible upgrades.

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Select the theme of your choice, upgrade it and that’s it!! This is how the migration process of static HTML to WordPress becomes a seamless task.

This method sounds easy but several things are there that you have to keep in mind when you try to update the customized WordPress theme automatically, the update loses the customization of the theme.

This has become the main reason for data theft, breaches, etc. Hence, it is recommended to keep the data backup and also, manually upgrade it. You will end up losing the WordPress customization service and some of the special functionalities, the case is different when the theme does not have valuable data and you have less time, so, go ahead with the automatic way.

4. Change Coding

The coding part is a bit complex to handle. For this, you have to choose the CMS that eradicates these efforts and make everything seamless. Static HTML demands you to be a professional or expert in the technicality behind creating the WordPress website. If not so, then, you must hire the developer for even the small websites, or some other operations, like, uploading images or videos, updating old content, or incorporating the new web pages.

On the contrary, WordPress eliminates the need to understand coding for creating a website. This Content Management System assists you to enhance the website functionality, allows you to create informative content, and updates the website on time. perform the configuration in the SEO to perform different actions

5. Mobile friendly

It’s important for the users to have a mobile-friendly site to launch a mobile supportive version. HTML also acknowledges the mobile version, besides, the website developer spends a lot of time and resources in editing the design according to the screen size.

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Nevertheless, WordPress completely supports the responsive version and mobile supportiveness to offer a pre-optimized version for tablet and mobile.

6. Security

We cannot overlook the security concern, it needs prioritization. Generally, websites are poor when providing security because of the least significant features they incorporate. You cannot doubt security when it is about WordPress.

As one of the leading Content Management Systems for web development, it assures your data security by following every security measure. On top of that, this CMS includes the security plugin that you must use for the safety of the WordPress website from the attacks.

From the custom HTML site, the security risks are harder for identifying and thus requiring more personal attention for securing the website from any hacker, that is more of them are less likely to happen.

Wrapping Up

Above we have discussed the simplest ways for migrating from HTML to WordPress themes. For the high-quality and flexible website, then you must have a WordPress website. To have a simple website that operates a storefront and has a blog that covers all of the SEO bases, then WordPress is the most suitable option for growing business in less time and for increasing the traffic.

Hopefully, this article gives you valuable information and works as a useful guide for you. Share your opinions with us !!

Do share your doubts with us, we are here for you!! Thanks for sparing your valuable time in reading!!

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