Adopting WordPress

WordPress is surely the most widely used website development, blog creation and content management systems in the whole world. There are many reasons behind the popularity of this platform, due to which this platform is used in almost 75 million websites around the globe. WordPress can easily handle websites for business of any size, with the help of its various plugins and themes. WordPress has been adopted by many of the world leading brands and businesses for their official websites and blogs. 

So here we are going to have a look at the top reasons as to why you should choose this platform over other ones.

1.Open Source CMS

WordPress has been in demand since its launch and it still stands strong in the list of top content management systems (CMSs). We all know that this platform is open source, which allows you to easily customize the code to make the website look and function in the way you want it. Being open source, millions of developers around the world keep working on this platform to make this platform more intuitive and inventive. This also allows you to have maximum availability of support for your problems online.

2. Not just a blogging tool

Earlier it was believed that WordPress is an excellent blogging platform only and it was quite true that no platform could be better than this one for blogging. But with years of evolution, introduction of new themes and feature-rich extensions, this platform has really become one of the most reliable content management systems, which is currently the base of variety of websites like business sites, job portals, sites featuring classified ads, etc.

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3. Cost Efficient Solution

Getting a custom content management system for your business can cost you a fortune while providing the same functionalities as provided by WordPress. So it is advisable to save that huge amount of money for business investment. You don’t need to alter everything as WordPress is available for free and can be customized easily. The plugins are mostly available for free as well as are even open source, so you can easily edit the plugins even just like you can customize this platform also.

4. Flexibility

This is one of the most obvious reasons for choosing WordPress as this platform is open source, making the source code available publicly to the audience. With the availability of source code, developers can easily alter the code and change the functionalities and designs according to their desire or requirements.

This might not be the case every time and the flexibility doesn’t end here as you can even edit all the plugins and themes easily because of the open source nature. As this platform is globally accepted and utilized by developers, the community is quite vast to make new additions and inventions each day. These customizations are the reason that it’s a powerful CMS system ready to do what you need to; it’s flexible, and easy to customize.

5. SEO Friendliness

WordPress is a platform known to be loved by major search engines like Google because of the properly written code. It is quite obvious that you would love you business website to rank higher in the search engine result pages. WordPress websites are really indexed by Google first and are known to rank higher in the search engine rankings. This means that your online marketing strategy would work far better when the SEO friendliness of WordPress is combined with promotional tactics.

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6. Low Cost Premium Themes

Themes are the main reason behind a website design and the design is what helps in creating a connection between a content management system and customers. When it comes to WordPress, it has a very flexible and responsive nature while offering a long list of world class themes. While many themes are available for free and even the premium ones don’t cost much to your pocket. These themes are mostly pre-customized, allowing you to just implement them as it without any changes.

7. Online Community Support

With millions of developers around the world using WordPress and more than 75 million websites, this platform surely has a global community of developers who are always available online to clear out your doubts, to provide new themes & plug-ins and also to provide solutions to the problems you might be facing.

8. Easy to use

WordPress is surely one of the strongest yet simple to use platforms for website development and content management. You really don’t need to be a technical expert as using WordPress is not rocket science. Simple typing through keyboard, drag & drop options, simple dashboard & powerful yet straightforward admin panel, makes this platform the best.

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Thus these were the top 8 reasons for adopting WordPress as the content management system for your business website. Make sure to once utilize this platform once and you will surely be proud of your decision always after that.

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