Things to Know When Before Looking for NYC Soundstage

What is a soundstage?

Before you head right into knowing how a soundstage works or its features, let us get deeper into understanding soundstage. When passing by the streets of NYC, one must have wondered what is inside the non-labeled structures.

The popular sound stages are labeled, and it’s mostly written what’s inside. However, a sound stage is not just a blank box. Certain features of a sound stage make a studio ideal for movie or television production. There are facilities that make NYC sound stages ideal for movie-making procedures.

Movie making under one roof

The evolution of film studios has occurred due to the increasing need to have every feature under one roof. It became essential to have a building with co-existing lighting, sound equipment, and cameras. It helps to capture the modern era of moving films. The first-ever sound stage exists at Sunset Bronson Studios in Warner Brother’s lot.

Sound stages in New York City are large buildings with soundproof walls used to shoot films. It is used to record moving pictures and sounds. That is why it has to contain all the elements with supportive technology. They are like the production studios with space for cast and crew, makeup rooms, green rooms, and craft services.

Many sound stages also have room for post-production, including equipment and editing rooms.  It is perfect for production companies because they get to produce a film from start to finish at one location.

Features of a sound stage

A sound stage needs to have some features in order to be ideal for film production. It has to be isolated from the outside world and create a different environment inside. It must allow the production houses to create the visuals they want and the sound they desire. They must be able to have virtual studio sets to create modern era pictures with manipulated backgrounds. With enough space and equipment, there are some additional features that a sound stage needs to have.

a). It should be entirely or at least close to soundproof

Soundstages are soundproof in order to enable interruption-free recording. They have to be soundproof so that the director doesn’t need to cut the scene whenever a car passes by or a band passes through.

b). Enough lighting

Studios should have lighting that is easier to control. Some NYC sound stages flexible light rails and other modern lighting technologies. There are a lot of options available these days. A soundstage needs to have ideal options available.

c). Sufficient space

While making a movie, it is necessary to have enough space in the studio to adapt to the needs of different scenes. There should be space to fit all the staff, star cast, equipment, lighting, and other pre-production rooms. Furthermore, even though the sound stage walls are not large enough, some studios need to bring big props in. Therefore, they need to have a large door to bring in equipment that is a part of the production.

While looking for a soundstage in New York Cityit is necessary to have a look at these features. Sound stages need to have all the facilities from electric connection to security. It needs to be suitable for production in all ways.

Originally posted 2021-10-28 17:06:26.