08 valuable marketing skills you need to possess in 2020

What skills are essential to succeed as a marketer? There are no specific answers to this question. The sphere of marketing is under a constant state of evolution. New trends and innovations emerge regularly and alter the way businesses engage with consumers and prospects. Hence, marketers must stay updated with various skills that are directly or indirectly associated with the field of marketing.

New-age marketers can’t lose sight of the important skills that make them good at their jobs. So, the question is, what skills will be useful for marketers to master? On that note, let us take a close look at some of the crucial skills that modern marketers must cultivate to keep up with the current marketing landscape.

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#1. Data analytics 

Data-driven marketing has turned out to be a pivotal element of business growth. A study revealed that 40% of businesses plan to increase their budget for data-driven marketing. Another study by Gartner highlighted that 3 out of 4 market leaders depend on data analytics to make their business decisions.

Your expertise in data analysis will help you organize and extract actionable insights from the humongous data landfills. To possess this skill, you need to be madly in love with math and be comfortable chasing the numbers.

How to upgrade: You can check out some of the courses on data science from MIT, Harvard, and the University of California San Diego in partnership with edX.

#2. Search Engine Optimisation

Online visibility is everything for new-age businesses because it’s where most consumers are. These consumers are either researching products and potential vendors or merely trying to find a relevant piece of content. This is why SEO has become ingrained in every marketing initiative.

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SEO is no longer a special skill for a few specific team members to deal with–all marketers should have a fundamental knowledge of the best SEO practices. This will help businesses garner visibility in the SERPs and increase the traffic on their websites.

How to upgrade: Find free courses on SEO from MOOC platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Hubspot, etc.

#3. Email Marketing

Email marketing may be old, but its efficacy is rarely a secret when it comes to marketing products or services. Newsletter signup boxes can be easily found on nearly all blogs. To develop a dynamic email marketing campaign, you must have a clear idea about the right tools, strategies, and metrics. This involves analyzing click-through rates, determining platform navigation, and running email campaigns.

Organizations are always searching for employees who understand open rates, A/B testing, and email lead nurturing. Hence, you must acquire these skills and wear them like badges of honor.

How to upgrade: Enhance your skills in email marketing with courses from Lynda, Hubspot, etc.

email marketing

#4. Social Media

Social media has revolutionized the way people engage with businesses online. Naturally, it also altered the way marketers engage with their target consumers. Marketers use social media for several objectives, like brand development, lead generation, and revenue growth.

Most marketing teams consist of dedicated social media experts. But it’s critical that all marketing professionals understand how to use social media meticulously. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow marketers to network and interact with consumers by sharing meaningful content. So, it’s no longer acceptable to be oblivious to the potential of social media.

How to upgrade: Explore various courses on social media marketing from online platforms like edX, Hubspot, and Coursera.

#5. Lead Nurturing

As businesses slowly move away from hard sales tactics and cold calls, they increasingly rely on lead nurturing as a more impactful sales solution. In the B2B landscape, most consumer relationships today begin with content offers, then moves ahead with lead nurturing through the sales funnel. Hence, the skill of lead nurturing is in high demand. Employees with experience in this area, therefore, must highlight it on the skills section of their resume list and in their LinkedIn profiles as well.

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Explain that you understand the lead nurturing model, and you have some understanding of how different types of content (from eBooks to webinars) can be crafted to serve the specific needs of the target audience.

How to upgrade: Learn more about lead nurturing and management through the courses offered by Hubspot or Lynda.

#6. Content Marketing   

Content creation and marketing are inescapable in today’s digital marketing landscape. It’s like what Britney Spears was to the ’90s. Businesses understand that they need to be consistent with a steady flow of high-quality content to attract their target consumers.

Blogging and creating informative content like eBooks and infographics isn’t anything new. But how people consume that content is changing, and so is Google’s way of ranking it. With many businesses serving multiple posts every day, there’s very little chance that consumers will ever read most of what is posted on the internet. Still, you can capitalize on this content creation when you acquire the skills of content creation.

How to upgrade: Check out the online courses from edX in partnership with the University of Washington and the certification course from Hubspot.

content marketing

#7. Video Marketing 

Videos are undoubtedly the most influential tool you can leverage to generate leads and subsequent sales. Video production is an integral part of many businesses, and it’ll only continue to rise as a preferred way of consuming content.

This is why any experience in video production, or editing, and even video animation is a highly coveted skill. You can brush up on some of these skills yourself if you’ve got some extra time in your hands.

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How to upgrade: Find some fantastic courses on Skillshare and Lynda in video production and editing.

#8. UX Design

Design is another one of those fast-growing aspects that play a significant role in every marketing endeavor of a business firm. Businesses understand that their product needs to be simplified and smooth. This requires effective collaboration between marketers and designers. When you have a basic knowledge of design principles, it becomes simple to convey what you want in your content.

Similar to how fashion trends change with each season, so do design trends. Marketers need to keep tabs on these trends and find ways to leverage them.

How to upgrade: Coursera offers UX/UI design courses in association with the California Institute of the Arts. Skillshare also comes with a variety of courses on designing.

Wrapping it up

As a marketer, you may have to wear many hats. Ultimately, your job is about humanly connecting with consumers and forging relationships with them. If you want to impact your consumers, you need to focus on upgrading all these skills stated above. If you are looking for assignment help, you should check out the official sites of the World Health Organization, BBC News, and the likes.

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