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Are you seeking some wild adventure? Then there are some of the best anonvault alternatives that you can check to quench your lusty desires. Anonvault was one of the most used sites for sex cam activities and related 18+ content but since it is no longer operational, here are some sites for you.

It is not a new incident that sites like this get banned. These sites frequently violate norms and guidelines and therefore their users have to fetch other alternatives to fulfill their desires. But before we begin with any such information, it is important to note that the blog consists of references and content which is only for adult readers. So only proceed further if you are above 18.

Anonvault has made a comeback with a different site name but still lacks the user experience like before. So all the alternatives mentioned here are similar in function and are equally reliable like the anonvault. Due to the advancement of technology, more and more features are being added to the sites these days.

Earlier any adult website had only videos which soon converted to VR technology and now has evolved to a webcam where a user gets to experience live sex services from the model of his choice. The charges of the service vary from platform to platform. For some it is free while others charge hundreds of dollars. It is a win-win deal for both parties as the model as well as the user gets what they desire and also the platform makes money as a mediator. Let us first discuss the sites like Anonvault alternatives.

What is Anonvault and its alternative site? How do they function?

The Internet is filled with thousands of porn websites which are ever-evolving. To satisfy the user and make things more interactive, these sites came up with an innovative solution to add a live sex feature on their platform. These sites compete with each other as a result some of them even have free services for their users.

There are various modes through which sites like these earn. The first one is definitely through advertisements and affiliates. Then they charge some commission from the models. Anonvault is among the free platforms where any model above the age of 18 can register and start earning. Each of the sites has something special to offer to its users. Some exclusively work in the women or LGBTQ category also so that everyone is being met. 

These sites are mentioned in detail below. You can go through these sites and accordingly choose the best Anonvault alternative for you. 

OnlyFans – This platform needs no introduction. People who are actively into social media are already familiar with this platform. OnlyFans offers premium services to its users but in return charges a decent subscription amount. OnlyFans is the most expensive option available right now but the quality and support it provides are also unmatchable. It is a mine and becoming a quick rich scheme for many struggling Influencers, Models, actors, and actresses. Their subscription amount ranges between $5 to $ 70 a month. On the user end, the user gets the privilege to remain anonymous and the streaming quality being offered is also the best among the categories. Though it is considered one of the dark businesses, it has helped many models to earn millions. 


Jerkmate – Since OnlyFans is an expensive platform, competitors like Jerkmate provide a similar service to their users free of cost. You might have heard the name of this platform before. It is a widely popular free webcam sex website. Jerkamte has more than 8000 models and pornstars associated with them. All the models provide free as well as paid versions on the platform. A user based on his preferences, can opt for the best suite for him. There is also an application of the site available in the apk form. A diverse set of models are available here and all of them are above 18 years of age. It is available in almost every continent and recently has acquired some of the other similar sites to increase its user base. Once you arrive here, it will ask some set of questions from you, and then based on the input given by you, it will give you the best results.


Stripchat – Stripchat is also one of the leading free cam sex sites. It is the first one to appear on the search results. Here, similar to Tinder, you can swipe models left and right. The site is one of the longest-running sites and has a credible history of users who frequently visit the site. Most of the visitors are from the Indian subcontinent. Apart from this, there is an exclusive category of trans, men, women, fetish, and other types of models on the site. All the services are not free on the platform. Only the introductory version of all models is free and to get the customized service, you have to pay some amount and a virtual room will be created for you and the model. 


Luck Crush – Sometimes, too many options confuse a person. Since this industry has an abundant number of models and pornstars, one-to-one interactions are next to impossible for free., You either have to pay or watch the free version which has nothing much to offer but here in Luck Crush, you can chat with random strangers who are also looking for live sexual encounters. The site is based on the defunct site which was prevalent for the past decade named “Omegle”. You first have to register into the site, allow certain permissions and fill in your details. The details filled in by you will help the algorithm to find the best match for you. But I would suggest you avoid this site since it is loosely regulated and previously there have been instances of data leaks from this platform. 


Babestation – All the sites mentioned above either operate in American or Asian countries. There aren’t many such sites operational in European countries. Babestation has attempted to bridge the gap and is personalized with a European touch. Here the majority of the models are from the UK, France, Germany, and other European countries. It depends on whether the user registers here or not. The majority of the content can be accessed on the site for free. You not only get free sex cam live videos but also the option to chat with the models and watch their exclusive videos. 


Innocams – With the passage of time some websites become old and have redundancy in content but Innocams has an advanced feature that helps it to stay afloat. Innocams is famous for giving 24/7 service and support to its users. This site has the highest demand but has some disadvantages as well. The high traffic on the site is mismanaged and there is no structural integrity in the interface. Links and icons are loosely floating on the site randomly. The site crashes numerous times when used in peak hours. Models too face similar problems on the platform. Since this too is a free platform, here you can register for free. Until and unless the developers don’t make changes, you can prefer other alternative sites that are mentioned here. – Do not go by the name. All the models registered on this site are 18 plus. Here you can find more than 10000 models under one single site. There is also an apk version of the teenclub website that can be downloaded externally. Only a selective portion of the site is paid rest all the content is free here also. You can enjoy the reserved privileges by paying real money. You will get some virtual currencies in return which you can use to buy premuim services offered by the models on the site. It is also a mobile-friendly device having endless scroll options. To make the best use of this site, switch on your location and you will start receiving requests from local models.


Webcamrips – It is one of the early sites that provide VR technologies for the user. After the launch of VR videos on this site, others too started copying the concept and Webcamrips lost its glory. The site is still viable and has thousands of models and pornstars associated with the platform. It is a 100% free website and it majorly earns through advertisements. Even today if you want some immersive experience, you can use this site as it still has some high-quality videos on the platform. From Latina to Asian, here you get more than 23 categories of models and videos.


Camdudes – All the sites mentioned above mostly have male visitors and women models. Some of them do have women-related content but the proportion is very small. Earlier there was no site where women could quench their fantasies. Camdudes is one of a kind where women can get all the special services from men on webcams. It offers a great diversity of men so that the users are satisfied. Even the identity of the women is kept anonymous so it is a safe haven for them. 


Camster – All the businesses care more about profit and hardly care about the people associated with them but the Camster has a different approach. Here it charges zero commission from the models and all the revenue is generated either through the user or through advertisements. This makes Camster an expensive option but the content that is delivered justifies the price. Users too are not all at a complete loss, there is a free version where limited content can be accessed. Moreover the models are from all sorts of categories. It also has other subsidiary platforms that are very famous like Livesexcam9, Camsoda, and Superchatlive. 

Here is an extended list of the  Anonvault alternatives if none of the above mentioned sites is not working. 

  • Streamate
  • Myfreecams
  • LivJasmin
  • Skyprivate
  • Fapchat
  • Sinparty
  • Xcamclubs
  • Secretfriends
  • Mydirtyhobby
  • Flirt4free
  • Imlive
  • Sofcams

Steps to reach  Anonvault alternative sites:

Anonvault alternative sites

  • First of all, pick up any device of your choice and open its browser. It can be your smartphone, smart TV, Tablet, PC, or Laptop. 
  • On the browser, type the name of any of the sites mentioned above and hit enter. 
  • Now the search result will show you some of the results along with the links on the first page. Click the first link from the search page and you will reach the homepage of that particular site.

How do Anonvault alternative sites function?

  • The site has models registered with them from whom they charge a platform fee as well as commissions when the user pays for any of their services. 
  • Secondly, the site also hosts advertisements of related products on their site or links to other similar sites. To make the best use of it, the user should select the model from a particular category and enjoy the services, however there are some precautions that you need to keep in mind while accessing such a website.

Precautions you need to follow while accessing Anonvault alternatives:

  • Do not share your personal information like name, ID, or location with the platform, and try to remain anonyms throughout. You can make use of these Proxy VPN sites for this purpose. 
  1. Super VPN
  2. VPN proxy master
  3. Nord VPN
  4. ExpressVPN
  5. Touch VPN
  6. Limetorrents
  7. Norton VPN
  8. Turbo VPN
  • Secondly, never fill in your card details everywhere. First of all, confirm that a site is genuine or not then only proceed further with any payment. Never make payments on third-party apps and advertisements as you can be easily scammed by them. 
  • Do not download or upload any copyrighted content from these sites as it is a punishable offense. These sites openly mention in their terms and conditions that they should not be held responsible if a case like this arises. `

Important disclaimer regarding Anonvault alternative sites:

First of all proceed further with the site mentioned above only if your age is above 18 because the contents on these websites contain sexual displays, videos, and images that are not suitable for all types of viewers. So it becomes important to read the disclaimer before proceeding.

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