Adult Driver Course

According to a 2019 poll, roughly 228,679,719 licensed drivers in the United States. Driving has played a significant role in people’s daily lives worldwide. When you reach 18, you have a strong desire to obtain your driver’s license as soon as possible. 


Driving is a skill that stays with you always and helps you become an independent individual. There will be no more standing in long lines for buses or waiting for your siblings to drop you off somewhere. You have to check out the best driving classes for adults near you and acquire this skill.

You will be glad to know that at Push start driving school; our DMV certified instructors help you in every possible way to pass your DMV test in one go and become a confident driver for life. We have a list of different driving courses for adults. The 2- hour and 4- hour driving course is for those adults who have little driving experience. 6-hour adult driving course for individuals who have zero driving experience and desire to pass their DMV driver test with confidence. On the starting day, we assess your driving skills and select the appropriate course for you. Our driving school’s aim is that you attain mastery in driving and pass the test with flying colors. 

The 6-hour adult driving course covers all your vehicle dynamics, mirror setup, lane changes, scanning, merging, u-turns, freeway driving, parallel parking, etc. 

Major lessons you will obtain in our 6-hour lesson

The 6-hour driving course includes a total of 3 appointments for two hours of 

 in which you will learn the following: 

  • Theoretical lessons

In these classes, you will gain insights into your practical lessons. You will also know about all the traffic rules and regulations you must follow while driving. In addition, our school will provide you with all the necessary material that you need to pass your driving test.

  • Speed

We understand how much you enjoy driving at maximum speed as if there is no one else around. However, it is preferable to keep these desires to ourselves and adhere to the rules. Therefore, this course will teach you how to drive at the proper speed on a straight road and around curves.

  • Drive with complete safety

You will not only learn to drive a vehicle at our driving school, but you will also learn the importance of following traffic rules, driving safely, and driving with morality.

  • Other basic rules you must know

You might not be aware of some other rules before this course. And those rules are like a right of way to fire trucks, ambulances, and police vehicles. 

  • Traffic signs

This course will familiarize you with all the traffic signs found in San Mateo. You will get to know how these signs work and ensure safety on the road. You will also learn to cooperate with others on the road. It reduces the likelihood of traffic accidents and ensures that everyone travels safely.

Final Words

Get ready to pass your DMV test with the highest marks because of our expert trainers, who will guide you through every step of the test. Take our 6-hour adult driving course and learn about all the major safety rules and regulations you need to follow while driving. We teach not only driving but also the right speed and method to drive, which will ensure the safety of you and everyone else on the road. 

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