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  • There are plenty of 18-plus websites that offer live sex services. One such website was Innocams but due to some copyright infringement acts, the site has been delisted from the servers. There are several Innocams alternatives that offer similar services at competitive prices or for free. The makers of the Innocams site have already made a comeback with a different domain name like xxxbulet. Some of the top-ranking Innocams alternatives will be shared in the blog that you can choose to satisfy your fantasies. 
  • But before we begin any further it is important to note that all the sites and information mentioned here consist of such content which is not suitable for readers below 18 years of age so only the readers who are 18 and above should proceed further with Innocams alternatives websites. If you are already aware of the working of the Innocams, these sites too are similar with minute changes in the interface. 
  • The exact reason for the delisting of Innocams website is unknown but there is a clear indication that it might have violated some copyright guidelines as a result it got banned. There is also a possibility that by the time you reach any of the sites mentioned here, it may have changed its domain name or faced similar consequences but before we dig into the details of the alternatives, let us see the functioning and working of the live sex cam websites.

What is the role and functioning of the sites like Innocams?

role and functioning

  • The porn industry has advanced after the internet penetration. Now due to upcoming technologies like AI and Virtual Reality, organizations are striving to make progress and give you an immersive experience from your device remotely. So the innovative solution to this was live sex cams. It is similar to a video call but the experience you get here is beyond the means of a call. Here models and pornstars come to live and do striptease and other related shows. To further escalate, they invite you to a private room created by them where you end up paying some amount in exchange for additional services. There are countless websites having millions of models registered with them. 
  • One such site was Innocams where you could find models of various ages, nationalities, tastes, and ethnicities. Accessing this site was easy and anyone above 18 could have fun with the live interactive models. The basic version of the website was free but to get the exclusive service you had to pay some amount to the platform as well as the model. Doesn’t it sound interesting that you can keep your identity hidden and enjoy the benefits? but there are also some self-explanatory precautions that you need to follow while accessing such sites. So let us know some of the best Innocams alternatives followed by the precautionary measures. 

Jerkamate – The most popular site in the live sex cam category is Jerkmate. You might have come across this site one way or the other. Jerkmate is a flawless website that allows to you interact with the models while they are live that too free of cost. There are more than 5000 models in each category to choose from. There is also an app of the same available that can be easily downloaded from the App Store and Play Store. You name a country and you can find the corresponding model on the Jerkmate website. Models are specifically above 18 to a higher range. The website has also undertaken several other similar platforms and is working in synchronization with them. Once you get registered here, it will ask about your interests and preferences. Then based on the data provided by you it will show some best matches for you. You can swipe the models similar to Tinder on this site. 

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Webcamrips – It is the first website that launched the live sex cam feature on its platform for the first time but due to high competition, it lagged but is still viable and used by many users. Its customers are loyal and regularly use the platform for some erotic action. Initially, the VR version of videos was made available on the website but once it became a hit, they soon rolled out the live cam feature. Thousands of models are associated with Webcamrips that offer the best service for its users. Wecbcamrips too has a variety of models and pornstars that are available most of the time. 

Myfreecams – Myfreecams has the most diversity in terms of models. Young models often sign up for this site since it provides 24/7 support and services. The homepage of Myfreecams is usually filled with beautiful and splendid models but the site lacks an orgaised interface. The models are randomly showcased on the site and the algorithm by which they appear is also random. Frequent advertisements and pop-up ads are another drawback of this site. Since a high number of users visit the site, it often crashes. The highest traffic on the site comes during the nighttime when the other platforms are inactive. Still, it is reliable in terms of quality and pricing. We can only hope that the developers update the site in days to come. 

Camdudes – There is a shortage of women-centric sites that offer similar services to women on the internet. Most of the sites cater to the needs of men only. So to overcome these challenges, Camdudes was launched which consists of 100% male models that satisfy women’s fantasies virtually. As of now, there are more than 10,000 models registered with Camdudes and the number is still rising. There is also a rise in the users of the Camdudes website as more and more women are becoming aware of this site. The site is also sensitive regarding women and keeps their data secure. 

LiveSexCam9 – LiveSexCam9 is the most famous website in the Indian subcontinent. There are many versions of the site available and operate with different names in different countries. There is also an apk version of the site so that the users can use it in the form of an app on their device. The majority of the content and videos on the website are free to use while the rest can be accessed by platform money or real money. The app version of the site gives you endless scrolling options so that you never run out of supply. By default, the site will show you models of your country but you can change the country from the above menu. 

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OnlyFans – “OnlyFans”, is the summit of this industry that offers premium services to its subscribers. It is not only one of the secure sites for users but also the first preference of the models. There have been instances where many of the models have become millionaires using this platform. But all is not good about OnlyFans, as it is the most expensive platform. It charges anywhere from $5 to $60 from its users but does not compromise on the content quality. Many of the Instagram influencers, Youtubers, and Twitch streamers, already have an account here, and their dark secrets are revealed here. Users are safe on this platform because they get the privilege to stay anonymous. You never know that your neighbor next door might be a model on OnlyFans. 

Xcamclubs – All the sites mentioned above either target American or Asian countries. There is a lack of such sites that are operatable in the European continent which offers them their unique needs and tastes. Xcamclubs is one such platform where you get exclusive European models and pornstars. Xcamclubs is developed in the UK and categorically consists of models from almost all the countries. It depends on you whether you wish to register on the site or not. Apart from live cam video streaming, the site also has a good collection of erotic xxx videos that you can watch. 

Lucky Crush – There are abundant sites, models, and pornstars but none of them offers one-to-one interaction. Lucky Crush allows the users to interact with random models that too are in search of a probable partner for a similar service. On this site, you can use the free chat option to interact with the models while keeping your identity hidden. Once you are satisfied with the replies you can use the cam feature to further interact with the user. Using this site is also easy. First, you have to register on their free platform. Then you have to fill in your basic information and add your preferences. The interface of the site will remind you about the popular platform which is no longer in use named Omegle. Definitely, like Omegle, there are some risks associated with the usage of these sites as well so you have to use these sites carefully. 

Flirt4free – Flirt4free is another free site where you can get live sex cam services for free. It is the most preferred platform by the models because there are zero fees and commissions charged by the platform for them. This privilege offered by the platform attracts many models to its platform. The site recovers its money by displaying ads as a result users can expect more than normal advertisements in this platform. Flirt4free has various other subsidiary websites that you can try as alternatives like Superchatlive, Camsoda, Camster, and Bongcams. 

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Here is an extended list of Innocams alternative websites:

  • Myfreecams
  • Fapchat
  • Streamate
  • Secretfriends
  • babestation
  • Camster
  • Imlive
  • Sofcams
  • Sinparty
  • Skyprivate
  • LivJasmin
  • Xcamclubs

Here are some steps you must follow if you want to access Innocams alternative sites:

This is a no-brainer task. In order to get to the homepage of any of the sites mentioned here, you need to open your browser and type the name of the site in the search bar. 

After that, you will get some search results about the site you have entered. Your desired site will be on the top of the result pages. Click on the reliable link and you will land on the homepage of the desired website.

Sometimes you might get an error about the same which is due to some obvious reasons. In such cases, you can pick another alternative site mentioned here and again repeat the above steps.

If most of the sites are not working then it might be the case that the country has blocked access to such sites. So to avoid that you can use the proxy VPN Network to get your job done. This will give you a dummy virtual address and then the sites will function on your device. Some of the popular proxy VPNs are:

  •  Limetorrents
  • Nord VPN
  • Touch VPN
  • Super VPN
  • VPN proxy master
  • ExpressVPN
  • Turbo VPN
  • Norton VPN

Is there any payment required in Innocams alternative sites:

The access to the majority of the content on these sites is free but to get the privilege of some exclusive features and services, you might have to pay the platform fees or the subscription fees for the sites. You can use your credit card, debit card, wallet, or other payment gateways for secure transactions. 

Important disclaimer and precautions you must follow while using Innocams alternatives:

  • It is a crime to upload and download copyrighted videos or private videos of any individual on such sites. You can face criminal charges for indulging in such activities so these things must be avoided at any cost.
  • Secondly, there is no harm in using these sites for casual enjoyment but when there is excessive usage of such sites, it leads to several mental and physical complications. Since dopamine is artificially released it can cause addiction and you can lose your precious time and energy on these sites. So self regulate your habits and mitigate your urges to some extent. 
  • All the sites mentioned here are strictly for users above 18 so users below this age should not access such sites. 
  • There also have been instances of online fraud and scams related to these sites. Your data gets compromised on these sites so never share any personal or financial data with these platforms. You can use VPNs mentioned above to secure your data.

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