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Oakley Rae is a popular American influencer from the short video app platform called Tik-Tok. She has a massive fan base all across the globe. Her videos become viral and remain trending on the app. Due to her popularity, Oakley Rae has also shifted to other streaming platforms like YouTube, Instagram, X, and other streaming platforms.

Oakley Rae’s onlyfans page also has millions of subscribers who pay a significant amount to watch her exclusive videos. Most of her audience is between the ages of 19-35. Recently Oakley Rae onlyfans nudes were circulated on the internet which added hype to her profile so in this blog we will give complete information about Oakley Rae’s background and other related information.

Who is Oakley Rae? What is her background?

Who is Oakley Rae

Oakley Rae became popular after her short videos trended in the TikTok app where she used to make lip-sync videos based on trends. Oakley was born on January 24, 1999, in Texas, USA to a couple having Mexican lineage.

 Her father has previously worked with a few reputed organizations and later shifted towards his family business of closets. Her mother previously worked as a teacher but soon left to look after her kids. Apart from Oakley, the couple also has one more daughter who is older than her. The names of her family members are unknown but are often seen in her videos. 

The whole family follows christianity. Talking about her educational qualification, she is a high school graduate but dropped out of college to pursue her career in the content creation field. Oakley Rae’s official TikTok account has more than 2.5 million views and is still growing abruptly. 

Oakley Rae’s physical features:

Since Oakley has Mexican roots, she has red skin and black hair with a beautiful build of body. She has a height of 5 foot 8 inches and weighs 63 kg. She has beautiful eyes having black eyes. Even with the least makeup, she looks stunning in her reels and posts. 

Oakley Rae’s personal life and partners and controversy:

It is pretty astonishing that Oakley Rae is single as of now but has previously dated Austin – a fellow Tik-Toker in the past. They began dating after they met at a TikTok event in California and even had a common account but soon broke up after 6 months following some misunderstandings. Apart from this, there is nothing in the public domain about her boyfriend or husband. She is unmarried as of now and has no plans to do so in the future. 

Recently her Onlyfans exclusive videos were leaked on the internet by someone. It is not uncommon that videos of images of influencers and celebrities get leaked, sometimes the act is deliberate or sometimes a violation of copyright laws. It is illegal to circulate such copyright images and videos to people and upload them over the internet. 

Oakley Rae Career:

Oakley was inclined towards a modeling career since childhood. It was a mere coincidence that she came across the Tik-Tok platform. She first created an account in 2021. The first six months of her career, she did not see any growth on her account after her one lip-sync video became viral, her followers grew overnight. Many other influencers like Coco Mama and other celebrities also made videos on her viral track which further added to her publicity. Even after her growth she remained humble and posted several videos thanking everyone and her fans. 

It was only after this, that people also started following her on her Instagram, X, and other social media platforms. She has had a Youtube account since 2013 but had no videos on the platform. It was only after her initial success, she started uploading videos on her account where she did unboxing, product reviews, tutorials, and home vlog of hers.  Her account has more than 2.5 million subscribers. She then came across the OnlyFans platform and from her official Instagram account, she redirected her followers over there. Her fans pay millions on the Onlyfans to get exclusive nude videos of hers.

Meanwhile, she also landed some contracts with big brands like Rode, American Eagle, Lookup, Fairplay, and others as a model and brand ambassador. She has also participated in various reality shows, podcasts, and other streaming platforms like Twitch. 

What are Oakley Rae’s income sources and total net worth?

total net worth

Like all other influencers and models, Oakley too has multiple sources of income. The major portion of her income is through views and advertisements from the platform. Apart from this, she does various brand endorsements for different brands. She is also a model by profession and gets fairly paid for her shooting events. Another major portion of her income comes from the controversial platform named Onlyfans. Onlyfans is an adult web streaming platform where models provide cam services to subscribers. It has helped many models to gain overnight fame and success. Similar is the scenario with Oakley Rae. She is also a model on the platform and her fans pay heavily to enjoy her nude videos. A minute portion of her income also comes from rental yield and other movable and immovable assets owned by her. 

Her net worth from all her income sources is above 1.5 million USD which is destined to grow in the upcoming years. She has a monthly salary of thousands of dollars. From her social media account, she is able to generate $50,000 per month. Brand endorsements, product reviews, and other sources of income fetch her another $50,000 per month. She also has a website from where one can book her appointments for events or merchandise. She also actively participates in philanthropy activities and is especially vocal regarding mental health awareness.

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