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In this article, we will be dealing with a game named Quordle. We will be telling you what is Quordle and how it is different from Wordle. There are many people who love Wordle. People believe that Quordle is a simple game if compared with Wordle. If you want to know more about Quordle then you should read this article carefully. 

It may be possible that you know the concept of Quordle before reading this article. But there are many people who still don’t know anything about this game. So, basically, Quordle is a new game that arrived recently on the internet. This new game may attract many Wordle lovers. 

In this game, you have to guess a word that consists of four or five letters in succession. We can’t say that Quordle is completely similar to wordle. Many people think that this game is an exact replica of wordle but that’s not true. Many people reviewed this after playing and they have stated that it is a little higher in difficulty. People were playing this game because they are finding this game engaging. This game is engaging because it is difficult for people. This game has been gaining a lot of popularity day by day.

We have already told you that this game is different from wordle. You can say that Wordle is a new game which is launched on the internet. There are many people who love watching these kinds of games. So, they are liking Quordle. If you like playing any word game then you should try this game. 

We can say that this game is a new game because there is a number of people who don’t even hear of this game named Quordle. If you have seen the look of Quordle then you may have noticed that this was very similar to the viral puzzle that is present on Twitter. If you have checked the feeds on Twitter then you must have seen that viral puzzle. That puzzle contains yellow and green squares. But we can say that this is no one-trick pony. 

We will suggest that if you want to check your linguistic skill then you should play this new game named Quordle. It is very different from Wordle which is known as Quordle’s predecessor. According to the reports, many people have played Wordle. You may not believe but more than a million people have played that game.

What is Quordle?

A brand-new game called Quordle just recently appeared online. Many Wordle fans may be drawn to this new game. It is based on the concept of Wordle which is a viral game. You can say that Quordle has quadrupled Wordle. You may know that there are three color squares present in the game if you have ever played Wordle. The procedure to play the new game is the same as Wordle. This game will give you three words each word consisting of five letters. The game will use three basic colors (i.e, yellow, green, and grey) to indicate whether you are picking the right letters or not. You have selected the right letter at the right place then you will see a green square. If you have seen a yellow square then it means that you have selected the right letter but at the wrong place. Grey square means that you have selected the wrong letter. You will get five words every day. 

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If you have ever played Wordle then you may have an idea that in Wordle you get almost six chances to guess a word consisting of five letters. If you are one of those people who are obsessed with Wordle then we will suggest you play Quordle. The words change every day. We have already told you that the game provides different colors to show how close you are to answering the correct word while playing Quordle. Color is yellow, green, and grey. It is known as the daily word puzzle game. In this game, you have to guess four words. Each word consists of five letters. You must be thinking that this game is quite easy but you must consider the fact that you have to complete this game before running out of guesses. But this game is not very difficult if you have played Wordle. 

You can play this game at Quordle.com. One thing which will amaze you is that you can play this game free of cost. The other important about this game is that you have to guess all the words which are four at the same time if you wanted to win this game. It means that you will get only 9 chances to guess four words. You will get more guesses in guessing four words if you compare it with wordle. We have already told you that there are only 9 guesses. If you have played wordle then you must have noticed that you will get 6 chances to guess four words whereas you will get nine chances to guess four words in Quordle. 

If you visited to play Wordle then you have noticed that you will get only one gameplay on Wordle but Quordle is different from its predecessor. You will get two gameplay options on Quordle. The first gameplay is Daily Quordle which is the same as Wordle, in this, you have to complete all the words in a limited number of chances. But, the second gameplay is known as practice. You can play a practice game that is not available in Wordle. If you have selected the “Practice” button, you will get this button on the top of the page of Quordle. You will get a chance of playing an unlimited number of practice games on Quordle. But it will not be added to your streak which means a player’s streak even if you are winning every game because it is for practice. 

We can say that there are many people who have developed a habit of playing Wordle in their daily routines. Wordle has become everyone’s favorite game. According to the review given by many people, it has become a staple of daily life in 2022 it doesn’t matter whether you like playing it in the morning with a cup of coffee or solving it before going to bed at night. 

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By all of these statements, you may get an idea that this game has become very popular. Josh Wardle who was the creator of Wordle has sold this game to New York Times as this game has become very popular all over the world. He bought this game for a sum in the low seven figures. You may know that it has spawned many spinoffs. 

There are many versions that have been created after the success of Wordle. Some of these are Lewdle, Nerdle which is the number version of Wordle. You may have heard of Worldle, this was the geographical version of Wordle because there are many people who love guessing the name of countries. 

You can play anyone of these that we have mentioned above. Quordle is the latest version of Wordle. People have also stated that the latest version is the most intense version of Wordle. You can play Quordle by visiting its site. You have to guess four words at the same time.

How to Play Quordle?

We would like to tell you what is the procedure for playing Quordle. We have already stated in this article that you can easily play quordle if you have played Wordle. This game is very similar to the previous game. Rules of Quordle is almost similar to Wordle. 

In the new game, the player will get nine attempts to complete the game by entering the correct words in the box. You’ll have to enter 4 words and each word consists of five letters. Other things are similar to Wordle. Yellow, green, and grey are the three basic colors used in the game to indicate whether you are choosing the correct letters or not. When you have chosen the correct letter at the appropriate position, a green square will appear. If a yellow square appears, you have chosen the correct letter but at the incorrect location. The grey square indicates that you chose the incorrect letter. Every day, you will receive five words.

If you want to win this game then you should follow expert advice. There are many experts who have stated that the best way to win this game is to guess all four words simultaneously. You can try this strategy once while playing the game. You can select any word which uses many different alphabets to begin the game. Then you easily eliminate the letters that are not in the word that you have to guess. This might work as a hint for you to choose the correct letters for the particular word. This process will help you in choosing the correct letter for your word. 

You may believe that this game is quite simple, but you must keep in mind that you must finish it before your guesses run out. But if you’ve played Wordle, this game won’t be too challenging for you.

Difference between Wordle and Quordle

According to some people, Quordle is four times more challenging than Wordle. you must know that officially Wordle and Quordle are not affiliated with each other. The other important thing is that there is no link between the sites of both games. You could say that Quordle is Wordle quadrupled. If you’ve ever played Wordle, you might be aware that the game features three different color squares.

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You can play a practice game that Wordle does not offer. On Quordle, you have the option of playing an infinite number of practice games. Even if you win every game, it won’t be added to your streak as a player because it’s just for practice. But by participating in this practice session, anyone can try their luck and this quality makes this game more addictive.

The other difference between both the games is that you will get nine guesses in Quordle but you will get only six guesses in Wordle. we know that Quordle is gaining popularity but this game needs a lot of time to even match the popularity of Wordle.

Who created Quordle?

We have told you that there are many people who love wordle so, there is a group of fans of Wordle. This group of fans has created Quordle. They created this game after playing another spin-off of Wordle and the name of that spin-off is Dordle. Dordle is a version of Wordle. in Dordle, the player has to guess 2 words consisting of five letters. The player has to guess both words at the same time. 

If you have visited Quordle website then you may have seen the statement of Freddie Meyer. He said that David Mah (engineer) put together the first prototype of the game. They have used the phrase “in a moment of evil and genius”. “I knew I had to keep going with the madness,” Meyer said of the code, which even had two keyboards. In retrospect, he really tricked me into completing his hideous invention.

He has given credit to another person and the name of that person is Guilherme S Town. He is one of the creators of Quordle. According to the statement given by Meyer, Quordle witnesses more than 500,000 players daily. It has more than a million players in total. 

Now, there are many people who must be thinking that will quordle remain free to play in future? Meyer stated that he has no plans to monetize Quordle, so you can understand that till now he doesn’t have any plan to monetize it. He has stated that he just enjoys watching everyone enjoy this insane game.


In this article, we have talked about Quordle which is a new game and very similar to Wordle. if you are interested in knowing about this latest game then you should read this article. We have created many sub-topics which will help you in selecting any topic according to your choice.

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