Types of furnace filters you should know

With the approach of winter, most homeowners tend to get high energy bills. This is because many of them usually rely on their heating and cooling systems to warm their homes. But you can reduce your energy bills by making sure that your furnace HVAC system is in good working condition. One of the ways to improve your heating and cooling system is to change your furnace filters. Remember that it’s crucial to choose the right furnace filters for your home. A food furnace filter can ensure that you have great indoor air. This page discusses the types of furnace filters. 

The benefits of a furnace filter

Air goes through your furnace filter before it warms your HVAC system. This means that it can be harder for your heating and cooling system with a dirty furnace filter to move air. As a result, this can exert a lot of pressure on the HVAC system. Therefore, you need to change furnace filters regularly, especially during cold weather so that your HVAC system can pass warm air in your home. 

And, if the furnace filter is clogged or dirty, the HVAC system can have problems when it comes to drawing air into the system. This leads to higher energy bills during the winter months.

If you neglect changing a clogged or dirty furnace filter, then it can prevent the warm air from circulating in your home. This puts extra strain on your heating and cooling system and it can also lower the effectiveness of your system. A clean furnace filter can remove airborne contaminants circulating in your house. The filter pulls the particles from the air before they circulate through the heating and cooling system. 

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Types of furnace filters

The furnace filter available for your heating and cooling system can have a huge impact on your energy bills, comfort, and indoor air quality. Your furnace filter is designed to keep indoor air clean and regulate the amount of pressure your furnace needs to exert to draw in air. 

Furnace filters come in various thicknesses, sizes, and efficiency ratings. And, you can utilize each type of furnace filter in different situations. This makes it important to choose the right furnace filter for your HVAC system because selecting the wrong type can damage your heating and cooling system. 

One of the air filters you can find out there is called a pleated filter. This is the most common type of air filter that many homeowners use because they are affordable and work for most situations. 

Another type of air filter is an electrostatic filter. This air filter is considered to be a semi-permanent air filter home solution because it’s washable. The filter works by capturing contaminants using an electronic charge that can attract smoke, pollen, and dust.

Lastly, you can find a fiberglass filter that is usually found in many furnace systems as they are great at capturing large dust particles. This filter is often the least expensive than the other types of air filters. 

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