Reasons Why Botto is the Future of Art

Botto is the future of art. With its decentralized, autonomous system for artists to exhibit their work, it has already demonstrated huge benefits to this new type of platform. The following few reasons will show you why Botto is paving the way for a new era in art.

1. Artists receive 100% of their sales

When you buy a Botto art print, the artist keeps all the money. They have complete control over how they price and sell their work, giving them full agency as an artist without any middlemen or curators getting in the way. 

With this new method, artists are free to experiment with different styles and prices for their artwork without worrying about losing out on profit because of fees taken by galleries and agents who often take up to 70%. It means that artists can now reach a wider audience than ever before!

2. Artists can be found quickly and easily

Unlike other art platforms, Botto lets you browse through an artist’s work in seconds. With unique QR codes that don’t require any internet or GPS connection to find them (but which still allow for easy searchability), it is quick and convenient to discover new artists’ work. 

It means there are no more barriers to your favorite artists’ works being shown to you, so get scanning. Some people have even called this process ‘the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.’

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3. Artists are rewarded for their work

Every time someone buys an art print, the artist receives a small amount of money (between 0.01% and 100%). This means that artists’ future works will be instantly paid for by the profits generated from previous pieces – so you can support your favorite artists without having to pay upfront! 

These amounts may not sound like much, but they quickly add up when enough people buy them. Plus, it encourages more people to try out artistic endeavors than ever before because now they know there is financial gain involved in doing something creative. Previous studies have shown that this type of incentive has greatly increased creativity levels around the world.

4. Artists have complete control over their work

Botto is a decentralized autonomous artist, meaning that the artists themselves are in total control of what they do with their art. They can sell it without going through an agent or gallery – who often take up to 70% commission – and alter prices as much as they like, giving them full agency both creatively and financially! 

This new system also means there are no limits on where a piece of artwork can be displayed: people from all around the world could potentially purchase your beautiful Botto print while you’re sunning yourself on holiday.

5. Artists enjoy complete freedom of speech

The artist can have a great freedom of expression and speech with the medium of their artwork.


With all these reasons in mind, it’s clear to see why Botto is the future of art. With its decentralized autonomous artist system, no limits exist on how artists interact with their fans and potential buyers everyone wins.

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