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If you’re living with a disability and want to find a job, your job hunting efforts will indeed take a slightly different approach. Naturally, there are more challenges to face and you have to be open about the fact that you have a disability, however, that’s not what you should focus on.

In this article, the things you should focus on will be highlighted. Some of your job search efforts will be the same as any other job hunter but living with a disability, you’ll need to emphasize that you can do the job you’re applying for and highlight the reasons why they should hire you above anybody else.

In other words, focus all of your job search efforts on your positives and not the fact that you’re living with a disability. Of course, you’ll still need to let prospective employers know that you have a disability when lodging a job application, but you’ll want to draw their attention to the positives you have to offer the job role and emphasize those.

Target Companies That Boast a Diverse Workplace Policy

These are companies that like to diversify their workplace talent pool. In other words, businesses that focus on diversity tend to be more willing to give all different people a chance. This includes employing people young and old, employees from different cultures, and people living with a disability.

One way to find companies that promote diversity in the workplace is to do an online search. You could even get more specific and see what you can find regarding companies that have a reputation for giving people with a disability a go. You may even want to try locating some support groups for disabled job seekers online. These groups can be really helpful when it comes to information gathering, as well as offering each other motivation and moral support.

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Approach Everything With a “What You Can Do” Attitude

This applies to phone calls, resume writing, cover letters, query letters, and job interviews. Yes, you have a disability, but you wouldn’t be applying for a certain job if you believed you couldn’t do it. This is what you need to emphasize to potential employers whenever you interact with them, verbally or in writing. If you believe you have the skills, experience, and ability to perform the job role efficiently, you should be able to convince them of your convictions.

If a potential boss needs proof that you can do the job they’re advertising, you could offer to give a free demonstration for a few hours or a full day. You could call it work experience and it gives you the opportunity to show rather than just tell.

Target Job Prospects That Your Disability Won’t Hamper

Of course, the job options are going to vary depending on what your actual disability is, where it is and the severity of it but as an example if your disability affects your lower body, there’s no reason why you couldn’t do just about any type of desk job going around. Your disability is not going to affect your performance in this instance.


There are a lot of jobs for disabled people if you really think about it and compiled a list of the possibilities. Many people living with a disability enter into the field of finance, either as banking staff, accountants, bookkeepers, or financial advisors. There is good money to be made in a finance career as well.

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Call center work is another popular option. While not one of the most lucrative careers you could find, there is always work available for call center staff, and most of the time you are just answering phone calls or reading and replying to emails. IT support is also another popular choice for the technically-minded.

You could even seek training as a disability support worker and assist others who are also struggling to maintain a good quality of life when living with a disability. Your personal experiences will prove both invaluable and inspiring.

In Conclusion

No matter what job or career path you want to pursue, you’ll need to focus on the positives about yourself and not focus so much on your disability. First, believe in yourself and potential employers will believe in you too.



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