Becoming a Canadian Citizen

Canada is among those countries that are providing many facilities to its citizens. Therefore, for many past years, a lot of people think about having Canadian citizenship to avail lifetime opportunities. You might delay it sometimes like some other people because you have no idea about the requirements to get Canadian citizenship.

Hence today, I have gathered all the detailed information so that you can have a clear idea about the whole process to gain the opportunity of becoming a Canadian citizen.  

Requirements to Become a Canadian Citizen

To become Canadian citizens, the applicants must be:

  • The permanent resident of Canada
  • Have paid all the taxes
  • Lived in Canada for 3-5 years
  • Passed a citizenship test
  • Have language skills in French or English

Issues that Affect the Eligibility

Whether you are living in Canada for a long time and have paid all the taxes, there are some conditions that will affect your whole process. For example: 

  • Do you have any criminal record
  • You have received any legal order to leave Canada
  • You misrepresented and have been refused
  • Your citizenship is canceled
  • You have terms and conditions on your residential status

Application Process

To become a Canadian citizen, you need to follow the succeeding process. 

Have an Application Package

The application package is very significant. It will guide you about all the forms that you have to fill out. To complete the whole process efficiently, follow all the details and checklist so that you do not miss any steps during the application.

  • Pay Application Dues

Once you go through all the forms, it’s time to pay your application fee. Your application dues depend on your age, whether you are an adult or below 18. There are two types of payments involved:

  • Right of citizenship fee
  • Processing fee
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Here is an option for you; if you are submitting more than one application form then you can pay all the fees at one time.

  • Submit Application

You are almost done with half of the process. Here you have to confirm one thing that you are eligible for Canadian citizenship before signing the application form.

You should:

  • Sign the application form
  • Write the date of when you signed your application form
  • Send all your documents through mail or courier
  • Make sure to send it right after you sign it because if it is delayed for more than 90 days it will be canceled or sent back to you.

Sending More than One Application Forms

All the application forms are tested separately therefore if you are sending more than one application form then you need to send it in the same envelope. Otherwise, the confirmed applicants will be called for a test separately and your process might take time.

In case you have sent separate forms of your family you have the option to pause the other application form until the test/ interview. With the help of this, you will have the option of having a test of whole family members at once.

Canadian Citizenship Test

After your application forms are checked the Canadian citizenship test is conducted. This assessment will evaluate how well you know about Canada. The exam includes 20 questions related to:

  • History of Canada
  • Economy
  • Laws and symbols
  • Geography
  • Right and responsibilities of Canadians

After the confirmation, the date is provided. For the preparation of the test, you can access government sources. In this assessment, you have to answer the questions in French or English in the form of MCQs or True/False. The overall duration is 30 minutes only.

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In special cases, there are chances of having a test orally. If you missed your test you need to send a valid reason with proof to the government and ask for a new date. After that, you will be provided with a new date and time for a retest.


Once the test is executed, you will be called by the authorities for the interview. As it is the time of pandemic the conditions for interviews changed a little bit to avoid any damage. According to the new rules, the following is the list of candidates that will be allowed for an interview.

Age 18-54Yes
Age 55+Yes
Under 18 with Canadian parent applying at the same timeNo
14-17 year old with Canadian parent applying at the same timeNo
Under 14 with Canadian parent applying at the same timeNo

In the interview, you will be given the results of the test. Your language skills will be tested and the officials will assess whether you are eligible to become a Canadian citizen or not. After you pass the interview and test date will be provided to you for the oath ceremony.

Oath Ceremony

The oath ceremony is held on Canada day and citizenship week throughout the year. In the presence of judges or officials along with other members, you have to take the oath, receive your citizenship certificate, sign the oath and sign the national anthem.

In case of any problem you cannot attend the ceremony then you have to provide and reason to the officials. After that on a new date, you will have to attend the ceremony to become a Canadian citizen.

  • Members Who Need to Take the Oath

There are some conditions for adults and children to take the oath.

    • 14 years old or adults have to attend the ceremony
    • Fewer than 14 have to be there in the ceremony but are not required to swear the oath.
  • Documents to Bring on Oath Day

Following are the documents that are essential to take along with you:

  • The ceremony notice
  • Two copies of personal identification
  • Passport and travel documents
  • Records of landing
  • Signed copy of permissions and consent form
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Summing Up

These are all the requirements that are essential to fulfill to have Canadian citizenship. As the government provides many opportunities to the people likewise you will also have many options during this process in case of any misfortune. All you have to do is thoroughly go through guidelines, follow the dates and avail yourself of the chance to be a Canadian citizen.


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