Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO audit of any website is as important as complete website optimization. In a technical SEO audit, it is made sure that all the on-page issues of the website are checked properly to improve the user experience.

A technical audit also deals with optimizing the server to help search engines crawl and index a site. In a technical SEO audit, everything has to be taken care of thoroughly. These technical audit checklists may include code, website structure, hosting, etc.

It is really important to optimize the content and check the website’s overall functions. The technical audit also looks at and solves any issues related to the website’s functionality. Follow these steps to not only optimize but deal with the website internally.

1. Scanning Website

Scanning a website means going through the website, identifying any issues, and solving them. These issues can be duplicate pages and the wrong usage of keywords. 

This process involves correcting your website analytically. The analytics shows how many pages are on the website and how frequently analytical tools check each page. It can be unnecessary pages, images, links, etc. It is better to remove unwanted things from the website.

If you are unsure how to do it yourself, it is always best to trust the expert. Studiohawk is an award-winning SEO agency in Sydney. You can contact them for a detailed technical SEO Audit Report, as they will help you identify the errors and take care of SEO optimization. 

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2. Make your Website Visible

Check whether your website shows up on search engines or not. One should not only focus on ranking the website in the search engines. Ensure that all the web pages properly show all the contents in them. Check that all the images are loading properly. Users must get access to all the content present on the webpage. If any link is embedded, it must direct the user to the right place. 

3. Ensure Optimized Site Map

A sitemap is very important for your website. It tells the search engine about your website structure and what to index from your website. Proper optimization of sitemap helps the search engine to find your new content easily. Ensure whenever new content is updated, the sitemap is updated. 

4. Multi-Device Friendly

People these days have been viewing information on devices like desktops, laptops, phones, smartwatches, and many more. There are different devices where your website can be viewed. Make your website compatible to be viewed on any kind of device. The incompatibility will lead to the loss of traffic to the website. Also, if your website is not accessible on different devices, you have a chance of losing potential leads. So make sure it is multi-device friendly during the development of the website.

5. Indexing

Indexing a website is a process of search engine where it indexes a particular website to its content. Indexing a website is another checklist point for a technical SEO audit. Indexing a website means getting web content up on the search engine. As a result, the website gets ranked up, and traffic is also driven to the website after indexing it. 

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6. Security Controls

Many cases have happened regarding the leakage of data and information breaching. Therefore, the readers take utmost care of being safe while accessing any website as much as possible.

But it doesn’t solely depend on them. As a website owner, you have to ensure no loopholes in your website that might lead to user data breaching. Ensure that the website is secured for access. There should not be any broken links or third-party involvement, leading to data leaks. 

7. Page Loading Time

Does your web page take a lot of time to load? Then it is a point of concern that must be taken care of. Who will even go through a website that takes a lot of time to load? First, check the amount of content that has been put on the webpage. Next, ensure that the files or images uploaded on the web page get loaded immediately. If not, reduce the sizes of files.

Wrapping Up

Website nowadays doesn’t only require content optimization, but there is also a need for a technical audit for ensuring the smooth functioning of components of a website, making it user-friendly.


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