Cracking the exam with proper guidance

One of the prestigious examinations in India is IAS that is Indian Administrative Services Examination which we also know as Civil Services. This exam is conducted by UPSC a constitutional body of Government of India. This exam is taken up by lakhs of student every year, but only a few could make it to the final round that is the interview. The reason is they lack guidance or end up choosing the wrong UPSC CSE optional subjects

Guidance is very much important at each step of life, whether you are into a business venture or a job or maybe you are preparing for an exam. In case you are guided well by the people who are experienced in that particular field then the chances of success will be significantly high. But without proper guidance, no one in this world can succeed. So, many coaching institutes help to provide proper guidance throughout the preparation process. They also provide the aspirants with tips and tricks that can be used by them and they will succeed by implementing them.

The IAS exam is a year-long process that involves three stages. The first one is the preliminary test based on your knowledge. It is an objective exam which means you will have to choose one right answer from given options. Preliminary examination, conducted in two stages. 

  • The first one is where your general science, general awareness, your acquaintance with the history of India, its geography and politics examined. 
  • In the second stage, your mental ability checked. It is an analytical test known as CSAT it is also an objective exam with a difference that here you will be given questions of reasoning and mathematics. 
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Both the stages are off two hundred marks consisting of a hundred problems. It makes the preliminary stage of 400 marks. Another thing, to note here is this stage, has a negative marking that means for every wrong answer, one-fourth of your marks deducted. Therefore, it is necessary to make your selection patiently. Otherwise, there are chances people end up scoring negative marks.

The second stage is called the mains exam. It is a subjective exam where you have to give seven papers in total that is listed below:

  1. Paper I: Essay.
  2. Paper-II: General Studies I
  3. Paper III: General Studies II
  4. Paper IV: General Studies III
  5. Paper V: General Studies IV
  6. Paper VI: Optional paper I
  7. Paper VI: Optional paper I

The mains exam consists of Four General Studies paper and two optional papers. The optional paper I and II is the paper based on the subject you choose for yourself from the heap of options provided by the UPSC. UPSC is the authority that is conducting this CSE exam. ‘UPSC CSE mains optional subjects’ are mentioned in the syllabus the list of papers that the candidates can choose for their optional. It can be geography, Chemistry, Physics or any other from the list. All the exams are of two hundred fifty marks. Therefore, you must choose your options carefully. The optional subject should be the one that you find interesting and can spend hours studying and researching about. Otherwise, candidates often take up subject thinking about its benefits. At the time of reading, they find it dull and monotonous. Thus cannot study that ultimately harm their results.

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Once you clear pre-test and mains exam then you are called for the interview of civil services exam. What they see is your personality. This preparation and knowledge hunting has made you a knowledgeable and wise person that should reflect in your character as well. If it does then no one can stop you from being an IAS and bring changes in the society for better.

Following are some of the last-minute tips for people so that they can clear the exam very well:

  • One should indulge in proper revision so that none of the topics is left from the whole syllabus. This will help to brush up the knowledge and such notes are highly helpful in the last minute revision. Proper notes should be made at the time of preparing for the exam so that there is no chaos at the end moment. These notes are the way to do a very quick revision and touch each of the topics.
  • The people appearing in the exams must manage their time very well which means that they must allocate a specific number of minutes to each of the sections. This will help in maintaining the speed throughout the exam and will help to finish the exam on time. In case one is stuck on a question then one must leave it and move to the next question so that time is saved. 
  • At the time of preparation, one must practice at least 3 mock tests to have real-world experience of the exam. This must be done in a time-based manner so that one can manage the time in the actual exam as well. Solving these tests will help in increasing the speed of solving the questions in the actual exam as well. 
  • One should read the question carefully first and then decide which method has to be applied to it. A lot of people decide the methods hastily and then end up to arriving at the most incorrect answers. One should carefully read the questions to find out what exactly is asked by the question.
  • One should develop such strategies so that one can maximize the scores by properly understanding the concept of negative marking. One should try to maintain a high level of speed and accuracy at the time of solving the questions.
  • One must plan about reaching the examination centre one day advance so that one can plan the things accordingly. In this way, one can very well have an idea about the location and time required to reach that location. 
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Hence, following all these kinds of tips will help to clear the exam very well.


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