If you want to land a security career and find your place in the industry, you need to have the skills that will help you perform the required tasks. However, even if you possess a certain level of expertise, your potential employer can choose to hire another candidate because he or she holds a certification that shows his/her experience in the field, while you don’t. That is why many IT specialists pursue the Security+ Practice Test to validate their expertise. And to deal with the certification process successfully, you need to be prepared for it beforehand. Thus, we recommend that you take a look at the following steps:

The security skills require a deep understanding of different concepts, technologies, and features of the industry. This is why it is usually recommended that the candidates have a basic understanding when they go for the similar certifications. Thus, CompTIA requires that the potential individuals work for at least 2 years as an Administrator with a security focus. Holding the CompTIA Network+ certificate will also prove that you are ready to learn more specific skills. So, usually, this path is taken by those applicants who want to become a Security Administrator, an IT Project Manager, or a Security Analyst.

  • Explore the details of the qualification exam

To obtain the right certification, you need to know which exam to take and what you should expect from it. Thus, to earn CompTIA Security+, a potential candidate has to deal with the SY0-601 test. This is a 90-minute exam with about 90 items, and you need to score from 750 to 900 points during the testing session. It can be taken online or at a center in English or Japanese. The registration process will cost you ExamLabs.com . It is required to perform it through the Pearson VUE platform.

  • Decide which prep resources to choose 

If you know the topics that are covered in the test, you will know which materials are relevant and helpful for your preparation phase. That is why you need to get the study guide and find out the list of exam domains to plan your further actions. After you learn these details, you can check the options offered by the vendor or go for those sources you trust. Some individuals even mix various tools to ensure their success. You can do the same if you want or go for the option you are sure in.

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Understanding what you are doing and why is a good way to decide if the certification path is yours or not. If you want your security skills to be validated, you can earn the CompTIA Security + certificate. This is a really popular choice among the IT professionals. If you are part of the target audience and are ready to learn some new skills, you can certainly choose this option along with other potential candidates.


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