Tips & Tricks To Make Your Swimwear Last Long

Are you obsessed with purchasing new swimwear every summer? This could be due to improper care of them. The sun and chlorine are a harmful combination to damage the quality of your beachwear. So, what can we do to make our swimwear last long? Here in this blog, we’ll discuss some of the essential tips and tricks that will preserve your designer swimwear for upcoming seasons. 

1. Don’t Use The Bleach Detergent

Bleach is one of the most harmful substances for your swimwear. It can degrade the quality of your swimwear in the first wash only. Make sure when you are cleaning them, use the detergent powder that doesn’t contain any bleach compound. You can check for this in the ingredients column that is printed on the backside of the detergents’ packets. This way you can ensure the quality of your swimwear

2. Avoid Sitting On Rough Surfaces

What if we suggest that you go to the beach but don’t sit on the sand. You may think that what kind of suggestion is that. There’s no point in going to the beach and not sitting, enjoying the sand. But wait, here’s a surprise for you. Do you know, studies have shown that most of the swimwear gets damaged due to sand molecules? When cleaning your swimwear, you may have noticed some very small sand particles fixed on your wear. And those particles are one of the reasons why your swimwears gets damaged easily. And letting your branded cloth like the Verde Limon Swimwear, to damage is very hard to digest. 

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What can you do now? Don’t worry we have a solution ready for this issue too. Next time when you visit the beach make sure you carry an extra towel along with you. You can use it for sitting. This way you can enjoy the sunset without worrying about your clothes. 

3. Immediate Wash After Beach

Washing your swimwear is very important. It is suggested to wash the wear immediately after you come home from the beach. There is a lot of chlorine that is present in your swimwear, immediate removal of which is important. It doesn’t matter if you wash it afterward with soap or not. What matters is whether you wash it “immediately” after your beach session or not? Also, it is recommended to use cold water for washing purposes instead of the hot one. Coldwater generally removes the chlorine compounds faster than the hot water. Hence it helps to maintain the quality of your cloth. 

4. Don’t Use Washing Machine

Yes! You have read right. Don’t use the washing machine to wash your swimwear. If not washing machines then how to clean them? Don’t worry, the best and most effective alternative of the “washing machines” is your “hands”. Wash your beach costume with your hands. This way you can ensure the proper cleaning and quality of the beachwear will be maintained. 

These were some tips to make your swimwear last long. These tricks will help you save your premium beach gears like the Verde Limon Swimwear, from being destroyed. Also, make sure that you have written the above points in your notepad so that you don’t forget to apply. 

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