How to study smart for UPSC Prelims?

To sit for one of the most coveted examinations of India – Civil Services Examination is considered a huge task. The examination takes place in three stages: UPSC Prelims, Mains, and Interview or Personality Test. An annual examination, it is a dream of thousands of aspirants to clear it successfully. However, it is known that the vacancy for the examination is not more than 1000 these years, hence, for lakhs of aspirants this examination turns out to be a futile attempt. The right kind of strategy and preparation will always help the candidates who know how to sail through the three stages.

The three stages have their pattern and it is very much required from the candidates to exactly decode the prerequisites of each of them. UPSC Prelims though is a qualifying stage but it is a reality that most of the aspirants get stuck here only. Hence, it is pivotal for them to prepare for UPSC Prelims diligently but smartly.

Smart tips for UPSC Prelims

The following tips can help aspirants to boost their preparation for the examination:

a). In a battle, it is better to know first about the enemy:

Though the examination is not your enemy, it is, however, important to know what is this examination and what kind of questions are asked in the Prelims.

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b). Read the pattern through UPSC Question Paper :

One of the best resources to study your examination is through its previous year’s question paper. Aspirants should analyze the question paper in a way that leads him or her to the right strategy with optimal resources.

c). Only a few books :

In phases, aspirants can get lured to read many books as the examination is revered as one of the toughest examinations. Still, it is wise to stick to only a few books including NCERTs, and one reference book for each subject.

d). Discipline never goes in waste :

One year of preparation time sometimes feels too much, but in reality, it flies too soon. So, aspirants should vow to be disciplined in any weather. Sticking to diligence and discipline always bear fruits.

e). Five books and five revisions :

It is better to revise five times the same book than to read five books and not revising even once. It comes naturally to some candidates to grasp things quickly but it should not be overestimated. The revision will always go a long way, helping them to sail through. Make it a point to periodically revise what has been studied in the past. The phases of revisions can be weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. You should not leave a subject’s revision hanging for more than 1 month.

f). Peace and happiness are the basic keys :

In a time of preparation, it is a tendency to stay aloof but it is suggested to always find time for things that make you happy and peaceful. It can be music, friends, family, dance, and much more. Every aspirant should try to find some interesting hobby to befriend. The same will be later useful for the interview stage.

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These tips can make preparation easier for candidates who are sincere. Just to conclude; good strategy for the exam, revisions of books and past year UPSC question paper, optimism and hard work will sail aspirants through the civil services exam.


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