How to Improve Your Writing Skills and Grammar

Students who have not been so successful at high schools with their studying progress may come across many difficulties when joining colleges and universities. It especially concerns their poor writing skills and some troubles with grammar when they are assigned to papers. Yet, no need to write it off as lost because there is always time and possibility to boost such skills, and succeed with academic grades. Let’s share some tips on how to master your writing.

Writing Importance

First off, let’s say that even if you connect your life to some technical specializations where you do not need to write anything, you won’t escape it. Secondly, do not even think that writing apps that correct your mistakes will always save you. Yes, they are working solutions, however, you will need to write something alone for sure. 


When speaking of grammar, it is very crucial to master it. Students and graduates who write with mistakes look ridiculous and uneducated. Imagine you are being hired for your dream job, and cannot simply fill out the application form on paper. Who wants such an employee who writes – “I doesn’t” instead of “I don’t”. 


Finally, writing importance is highly observed in social media, an online world where every youngster and businessman of today resides. Blog posts with dozens of mistakes won’t bring you any popularity, and interest in reading.

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Top 10 Tips on Boosting Writing Skills and Grammar

The below-mentioned tips are based on students’ success and good grades. Yet, some of them might not fit your particular case. So, to not overload yourself with all of them at once, you can also approach them step-by-step to find a golden mean. Off we go!

#1 Read a Lot

Yes, reading is the first tip, and we bet you wanted to avoid it at all cost but no. Reading does not mean your simple “residence” glued to the chair and utmost concentration. Reading should be powered with a sense. You may agree that sometimes you run out of time, so you skip many paragraphs in books just to finish them faster and have an approximate understanding of the context. It is okay but to boost your writing skills, you should pay attention to how one author writes, what grammatical principles they stick to among others. Then, it is a great way of powering yourself with additional vocabulary. Those students who read a lot use more words in their essays, and conversations rather than simply – okay, good, bad. 


Beyond that, it is highly recommended to read out loud. It will definitely help to memorize unique words.

#2 Write Papers for Fun

This tip fits those who are not overloaded with many assignments. For instance, you can write short essays on different topics. After that, you can check them with such sources as Grammarly, and see mistakes. After the check-up, write down your mistakes. After one week of time, overlook whether there was any progress with not repeating the same mistakes. 

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#3 Imitate Your Favorite Authors

If you have your favorite author, it is bingo. You are most likely to know their writing style, so it won’t be something bad in mimicking their vocabulary and grammar style. Still, you should be careful with such an approach. You have to only practice this way without losing your own creativity and individuality. 

#4 Make Friends with Outline

The best way to write an essay fast but with no mistakes is to refer to the outlines. Outlines are somehow skeletons of papers where students just approximately build how their essays would look like. Then, outlines help to prioritize your arguments and other evidence. You understand how long each part should be, and where to add quotes among others.

#5 Make Your Grammar Manual

It would be great if you have a table book for grammar. It can be either in the form of crib notes, hence, small, or you can create a new notebook where you specify the grammar rules with which you lag behind. If you refer to such a manual on a regular basis, you will quickly remember your writing pitfalls and improve them.

#6 Don’t Punish Yourself

If you still repeat the same mistakes, it is not the reason to punish yourself or give in. Writing can be hard even for experienced people but there is no established age when you cannot master it. If you observe the same mistakes with punctuation or grammar, just find extra hours per week to dedicate to them. For instance, Friday will be fully a grammar day, while Monday is dedicated to punctuation mastering. The most important thing is practice.

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#7 Find a Curator/Editor

It is amazing if you have close relationships with your professor who can help you with your writing individually. Yet, do not overload them with your assignments every single day. Just speak to your curator about extra assignments and your desire of receiving sincere feedback and help in boosting skills. Otherwise, social media may again help you. There are lots of students’ networks where others share their works for feedback. Do not be shy and upload one. 

#8 Get Rid of Filler Words

Filler words are a true plague of every writer and, of course, students. They do not bring any value and simply assist you with a word count. Again, refer to Grammarly, because this service may occasionally hint you at wordy sentences and the elimination of useless words. Finally, whenever you just proceed with essay writing, you can make a list of stop-words which you should avoid at all cost during your work. 


That’s pretty it with tips. If you still cannot manage your writing skills and grammar, and simultaneously run out of time with your tough deadlines, you can always refer to an online custom writing service. Such a professional essay company like CustomWritings has many experts in different subjects that can help you with your paper by complying with your requirements and deadlines. So, you get good work, and your professor is satisfied.



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