Alternatives of Einthusan

Eithusan is a famous website and it is well-known for providing Hindi movies. People believe that it is the number one website if someone wants to watch Bollywood movies. This website has a huge collection of Tamil movies, Hindi Movies, and much more. There are many options, you can watch any one of these.

There are several countries in which this website is not available. So in this article, we have collected the Top 13 Alternatives of Einthusan to stream free movies online in 2022.

Let’s just start our list:

1. Hotstar

Hotstar is a great alternative to Einthusan. If you want to stream movies then you can watch movies on Hotstar. You will get a number of options on Hotstar if you want to watch any movie. You can easily watch movies or Shows on Hotstar. Hotstar has a Kid-friendly feature that set this apart from the other streaming website. 

You will get not only Tamil and Hindi movies like Einthusan but you’ll also get access to the content of Disney Plus. But Hotstar is not free. You can watch any show or movie on your mobile phone as this website allow its user to stream any show on their mobile devices like your android phones and IOS. 

It has a good layout which eventually helps you in browsing all the content very easily. 

2. YuppTV

YuppTv is a famous website and it is known as one of the best alternatives for Einthusan. You can stream your favorite movie on this platform for free. You will get to see the movie in multiple languages i.e. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, and much more. People believe that this website is somehow similar to Einthusan. It also has a variety of options. 

This website works on its home page. They have bifurcated everything accordingly. They have also featured popular TV shows from different parts of India and those are top-rated shows on Local Channels. This website allows its users to stream movies for free of cost. You can watch all the movies online. 

You can easily select your favorite genre on this website and there are different types of media content. They have already divided every category on its main page. They have provided a search bar from which you can easily get your desired movie. 

3. Youtube

It is not possible that you are not aware of this site. This is one of the most famous and visited the website. It has almost every content that was created in the world. Youtube has some Hindi and regional movies too. But there is a high chance that some of them may violate copyright laws. 

Youtube is a website that is easy to use and anyone can visit this. That’s why we have decided to give it a position of number 3 on our list. Anyone can watch a movie on this platform online. But, there is a chance that you have to buy any particular movie if you are looking to watch that. You will get to see many channels that provide movies of good quality. 

We just want to clarify one thing which is that you may not get every movie on this platform if we compare it to the other website in this article. But, we are pretty sure that you will that movie which you are looking forward to watching.

If you want to create a Youtube channel so you can do it easily. It will not cost you a single penny.

It is very easy to search for anything on this platform. They have provided a search bar where you can type anything which you want to watch like Tamil Movies, Bengali Movie, etc.

If you want to then you can type Einthusan Hindi Movies or you can even type Einthusan Tamil movie to watch the movie. 

4. Zee5

The next website on our list is Zee5. If you compare it to the other website that we have mentioned here then you’ll understand that Zee5 is also a great alternative to Einthusan. This website actually supports a lot of different languages movies apart from the Hindi language movie and these are Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and they also have Thai and Indonesian movies. This makes the collection of Zee5 very attractive. 

If you visit this website for the first time there you’ll get to see a page where they will ask about your movie preference like Bhojpuri, Tamil, Kannada, and much more. From this, you’ll have to select your preference which is one of the most impressive features of Zee5.

There is a need to sign up first. You can create a free account but if you want to see unlimited movies so there is a need to get a premium membership. If you have decided to pay for a premium membership then you will get access to a great collection of free movies on this website. But you can watch content on Zee5 without anything. 

5. Yomovies

The next website on our list is Yomovies. Reports and reviews state that it is another great alternative to Eithusan. You can easily stream free movies in 2022. This website has worked on his list. It has a good list that contains many Hindi movies. All of these movies are categorized by their genre. 

You can easily access free movies on this platform. If you are thinking that this website only has a collection of Hindi Movie then you are wrong, this website also has an amazing list of Hollywood movies. You will get movies from every generation. You’ll get movies from classics to the recent releases. 

You can even watch some popular TV series in Hindi or in English. There are several ways by which you can easily browse this website. You can go to this website and search for your desired content. If there is a difficulty in deciding the movie to watch so you can even sort the list by its year so that you can watch movies or show from a specific year. 

6. Hindilinks4u

If you love watching documentaries and don’t know any website that provides you with a great list of documentaries then you should try Hindilinks4u. this is the quality that separates it from other websites. If you are a great fan of Hindi biographies or Hindi documentaries you should definitely visit this website. It will surely serve as a great alternative to Eithusan. 

There is no need for a subscription to this website. You can easily watch any show or documentary free of cost on this website without any monthly subscriptions. They have bifurcated all the movies into different categories. They have almost 50 categories from which you can choose any to watch. If you speak any other language other than Hindi then they have shown in different languages too, these are Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, etc. 

Other than documentaries, it also has content from other websites that we have discussed in this article, some of these are Zee5, SonyLiv, and much more. You will definitely get access to the Dubbed Hindi Movies Titles if you are looking for this. 

7. SonyLiv

Next on our list is SonlyLiv. It is also a good alternative of Eithusan like Hotstar and Zee5. You can stream free movies on this platform. This is a website by Sony Entertainment. If we compare it with Eithusan so it also has an impressive collection of Indian Movies like the Eithusan library which provides free Content. 

If you are looking forward to watching movies on this platform so you must have to create and register yourself on this platform, only after registration you can stream any content of your choice.  This website is not limited to the Hindi and Tamil movies, it has expanded itself. You will get access to live-stream content which means that you can watch any show which is live on television. Apart from this, you can even get access to a number of sports programs. Thus, this website provides various options to its viewers. 

It has a straightforward and clean interface that attracts many people who are looking for any website. The interface of this website makes it easy for other people to search for any specific content that you desire to watch. The fact it has a variety of language options makes this website a great alternative to Eithusan. 

8. YesMovies

it may be possible that you have not heard of this website before this article. But you can say that yesmovies are a good alternative to Einthusan. On this platform, you can stream free movies. If you have heard of Yomovies then you can understand that this website is somehow similar to that. This website also has a great collection of Hindi Movies. All the movies on this platform are categorized according to their genre. Movies that you want to stream are completely free on both of these websites. 

The approach of this website is very direct. The developers of this website have invested some time in developing the website so they have incorporated a search bar on the first page which you’ll see immediately after getting on the website. The search bar is an essential thing for the user by which they can easily search for their desired content.

If you don’t have an option to watch and thinking to try something new or different then you can just click on the tab named movies which will take you to the page where all the featured movies are present. This website contains many popular Indian Languages movies which makes its collection more attractive. You can definitely visit this website if you want to explore alternatives to Eithusan. 

9. Online Movies Gold

Movies Gold Pro is another name of this website and this name is more popular among the viewers. This website is also a great alternative for Einthusan to stream movies online in 2022. 

Like the other website that we have mentioned in our list, this website also has a great collection of movies and shows. This website has invested a lot of time in selecting movies and classic movies for the viewers. If you are looking for any website on which you can easily watch old classics then this is one of the best websites. On this platform, you can find movies released way back in 1936. 

If you don’t want to subscribe or buy any plan to watch a movie then this website is a great deal for you. You can watch movies for free of cost on this platform. You can even watch any movie in HD quality which is an amazing offer for you. A major part of its content consists of Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam movies but they also offer Hollywood movies. 

As you have seen in Yomovies that you can sort movies by year, the same feature exists on this platform. If you don’t remember the name of the movie then you can use this feature to search for any movie by the year of its release. 

10. MX Player

It may be possible that you are looking for any platform where you can get a screen time fix option by which you can easily binge-watch anything. You may also like to watch shows on TV, but you don’t have any platform where you can watch shows. So, you can visit MX player. This website is very addictive and anyone can use it for binge-watching. 

MX Player consists of some awesome original web series that sets it apart from the other online streaming website that we have discussed in this article. The other websites will provide you with many series and shows but many of them were not original. If you love watching shows from every genre then you’ll like the wide collection of shows on this platform. They have shows from every genre. They have shows Drama, Reality, Crime, Thriller, and comedy. 

You can also set content language if you want to watch anything in a different Indian Language and this website also gives you an opportunity to Stream Live TV shows. They actually support new talents that’s why they feature the shows of Stand-Up Comedians on their website. MX Player has many qualities that make it one of the best alternatives for Eithusan to stream free movies in 2022.

11. Tubi

This website is a perfectly designed Online streaming Website. Tubi is well known for its huge collection of movies, TV shows, web series, and much more. We have placed this website on our list because its content is free of cost and they are providing unlimited watch time to their viewers. Both of these qualities enhance its quality and makes it one of the best alternatives to Eithusan. 

This website is a great option for people who don’t want to register themselves. On this platform, there is no need to register an account before watching anything. You can watch any show of your choice directly without any registration process.

The process of search is very easy. You can easily search for any movie that you want to watch, you just have to click on that particular movie. Many movies are featured on the main page itself for where you can watch anything. The website has categorized every movie separately. 

This website has provided you with several options from which you can watch any show. This website will work on any computer browser or you can also install its app “Tubi App” on IOS, Roku, Amazon Fire, or Android. But it has a limited collection of Hindi Movies which is the only drawback of this website.

12. Bolly2Tolly

Now, we will talk about Bolly2Tolly which is the next alternative to Eithusan. As is clear by its name, it mainly focuses on well-known movie streaming websites in the Tamil language. You can enjoy a number of Tamil movies on this platform. 

It has been created in a great way where they have inserted classic and newly released blockbuster movies. All of these movies you can enjoy for free. If you are thinking that you will only get to watch Tamil movies then you are wrong. On this platform, you can even see English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, and Malayalam movies. This website also provides many Tamil TV shows. 

Like the other website that we have mentioned in this article, this website also has a user-friendly interface which is liked by many people. Many people stated that it has a clean interface. they have provided a list of the latest movies on the main page of the website. You can use the search bar to get the desired show, they have not created a separate genre. They have added an attractive feature that tells you which movie is going to come next on this platform. You’ll see this feature in the Upcoming movies section.

13. Filmlinks4u

Next on our list of the best alternatives of Eithusan to stream free movies in 2022 is Flimlinks4u. If we compare it to Bolly2Tolly and Hindlinks4u then we call to say that like another website it also has a huge collection of Eithusan Tamil and Eithusan Hindi movies. 

Apart from Hindi and Tamil Movies, this website also provides its users with many Western TV series and Hollywood movies contents. You can stream everything for free of cost. They have created many different categories from where you can choose any movie to watch. They have featured the category list on the main page of the website. You can even watch the latest movies belonging to Bollywood on Filmlinks4u. This website will provide you with several pieces of content from OTT websites like Netflix and many more. 

14. Kissanime

Kissanime is one of the most popular anime streaming websites on the internet. It has a large selection of anime shows and movies that you can watch for free. The website is easy to use and has a great user interface. You can also download anime episodes from the website to watch offline.


In this article, we have mentioned: “Top 13 Alternatives of Eithusan to Stream Free movies in 2022”. If you are looking for any website on which you can watch any show or movie then we have tried to cover all the famous websites which can become the alternatives to Eithusan. We have not talked about the legality of any website that we have mentioned on this platform. The websites that we have mentioned here are Filmlinks4u, Bolly2Tolly, Tubi, MX Player, Online Movies Gold, YesMovies, SonyLiv, Hindilinks4u, Yomovies, Hotstar, YuppTV, Youtube, and Zee5.