All You Need To Know About Walkie Stackers And Where To Find The Best One.

When there is a mention of warehouses or storage units, forklifts and walkie-stackers are always major contributors to the conversation. As a warehouse or storage unit owner, it is essential that you have at least one of the heavyweight carrying and lifting equipment. If you have opened this post and have read this far, you are either looking to learn about walkie stackers for knowledge or to buy them. In both cases, you must know the following information.  

What Is A Walkie-Stacker And Why Do I Need It? 

It is important to know exactly what walkie-stackers actually are. A walkie stacker is a weight-carrying or lifting equipment that raises weights to heights. These walk-behind pallet trucks come in five different types and all types have different structures. There is no single-built of walkie stacker hence we cannot generalise. 

If you are a warehouse owner or manager, you will be well aware that human labour is not a viable option when it comes to moving so much weight. You are always at risk of accidents and damaging not only precious human life but also the goods that are being lifted. Moreover, the cost of labour is much higher than machinery. This makes walkie-stackers and forklifts popular.  

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Advantages Of A Walkie Stacker.  

There are many advantages offered by walkie-stackers that make them so desirable for buyers and make them prioritise walkie-stackers over forklifts.  

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Environmental Friendly.

 Since walkie-stackers don’t make noise or exhaust pollution. This is because these are electrically operated devices hence they are not using any Diesel, petrol or any fossil fuels to run. 

Can Reach Compact Spaces. 

Walkie stackers are very ideal for compact spaces since they are small in size. Their high manoeuvrability makes them perfect for small spaces no matter how heavy the loads are.  

Increased Visibility. 

Since walkie-stackers are small in size, it is easy to fit them into compact spaces. This also allows the operator to see the goods easily as well. 

Easy to Operate.  

Walkie stackers do not require much manpower and are very easy to operate and understand. 

Lower Operating Cost. 

Since walkie-stackers do not require diesel or petrol or any type of fuel, the operational costs of walkie-stackers are very affordable. This is a major pro of walkie-stackers and the reason why people prefer it. 

Lowest Upfront Cost. 

Compared to other substitutes/options for material handling, walkie stackers are the best as they have the lowest upfront costs.

You May Not Be Required To Have A Forklift License.  

Walkie-stacker drivers are not obligated by law to have a forklift driving license unless they are operating a ride-on walkie-stacker. However, it is important that drivers know all about the safety precautions and controls of the equipment.  


Originally posted 2022-10-31 19:45:25.