What is Spearfishing? An Introduction to the Sport of Underwater Hunting

What Is Spearfishing?

When you think of “spearfishing”, what do you think of? If you think spearfishing is mainly for underwater hunting, then you’re right on the money! Spearfishing, also known as blue water hunting, is a recreational sport where blue water hunters use pole spears to catch fish underwater.

Spearfishing is unlike other shore diving or modern hunting methods, such as fishing. Spearfishing often entails spearfishing in areas that are deeper and darker than the kinds of places where most fishermen fish. With other night spearfishing methods, it can be challenging to see what’s on the ocean floor, but recreational divers spend a lot of time training to spot and capture large pelagic fish species before they can swim away.

Underwater fishing is often considered an underwater sport; however, it can also occur above water. The spearfishing community at https://neptonics.com/ has a term for hunting called “conservation spearfishing”. In this type of sport, spearfishing, the experienced divers use mechanically powered spearguns to drift over deeper waters and then dive down to subdue large fish before heading back up to their float to reload and hunt again.

When comparing competitive spearfishing and bluewater hunting with other popular underwater hunting methods, such as reef hunting and scuba diving, it’s important to note that recreational spearfishing is generally viewed as more “active” than other hunting methods. This is because spearfishing involves a lot of swimming and adrenaline spearfishing supplies, while other methods involve more free diving that keeps divers in place.

The History of Spearfishing

Historians think the sport started in Greece and was used to catch fish and other target species. The spearfishing equipment was most likely an extension of the fishing rod and sharpened sticks, so the argument can be made that the sport originated with spearfishing. Freedive spearfishing has always been about capturing as much food as possible for as little cost as possible.

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How to Spear Fish

According to the Australian underwater federation, spearfishing is a hunt, and so it requires stealth, strategy, and concealment. It also requires excellent swimming skills—because you can’t shoot fish pelagic species if you’re not in range of your target. Once you catch sight of your target fish, you must be able to aim and shoot accurately from calm and shallow waters, often at a distance of less than.

The Different Types of Fish You Can Spear

Fish like rays, yellowfin tuna, groupers, sharks, and tunas are good examples of open-water fish you can hunt with a spear. There is also plenty of reef fish you can hunt in the deep waters of the barrier reef and rock formations like caves and arches. These fish include lionfish, amberjack, snappers, barracuda, and many other species. A community called Japanese fishermen hunt on the shore dives of sunken ships for lots of delicious seafood.

When boat diving or sea fishing on deepwater fishing grounds, it’s important to have a mask, dive knife, snorkel, scuba equipment, spear guns, dive flag, fish aggregating devices, and fins for maneuvering around. When hunting reef fish, it’s recommended to use SCUBA gear and fish spears so you can dive deeper, but it’s not necessary. Your speargun should be 7 to 10 feet long (with spear) and made of fiberglass or carbon fiber so it can withstand the pressure of the ocean. The gun should also come equipped with an adjustable spear, detachable spear, and tip protector, so you don’t shoot yourself by accident.

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Also, invest in Hawaiian slings and flotation devices. Then, suppose you get into trouble when diving. In that case, you can easily be located by rescuers and an underwater signaling device to let your friends know where you are if you get lost or separated from your group when diving.


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