What to know before getting a platform trolley

A platform trolley is an important piece of equipment for a warehouse or industry because it aids workers in moving loads easily. If you get the right trolley, this can limit the likelihood of injuries occurring because of load lifting. There are some points that you must know when looking for a platform trolley.

What actually is a platform trolley?

This is a piece of equipment which is employed to effectively transfer stuff going from one area to another. They are able to be utilized in different settings such as a warehouse, industries and even at home. There are different types of platform trolleys that you can get which come in various shapes, sizes, along with materials. They are vary when it comes to loading capacities plus weight limitations. 

How to select a platform trolley

Selecting a good platform trolley can help your business out. You can keep the following in mind when doing this:

Object needing handling

You need to keep in mind what type of object is getting transported, like whether it is bulky or not. The weight and shape of the object will help you know the shelf and platform size along with the loading capacity of the trolley. 

Are your objects sorted or not? You should know if they are able to be packed properly in boxes or if they are loose, uneven sized items which cannot get stacked on one another. When you know this, you can figure out the size you require for the trolleys. If you have odd-sized items you can get a shelved trolley so that the products do not fall over at the time of moving.

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Environment features

Find out if there is elevate access on every floor and if the doors plus walk area are big enough for the trolley to pass through easily. You should know that you may solely transport large trolleys within service and product lifts. 

This is why the physical atmosphere of your workplace can let you know the size and even shape of trolley which you should employ. 

Flexibility options

Are you looking for a trolley which can adapt to different situations? Will it be able to be adjusted to a certain width and height or is it able to be extended easily?

You can find this out when you know how you want to employ the platform trolley and where you wish to employ it. It is better to get a flexible and versatile trolley which you can use for different applications and needs. 


You should know how often you will be using the trolley. Those who are transporting heavy things often, will have to get a really strong and reliable folding platform trolley that is made from high-quality materials. 

If you want to buy platform trolleys with Adaptalift Store for instance, make sure you know which one to get. You can ask the professionals for help by telling them about how you want to use the platform trolley. It is better to invest in a good quality one that will be able to stay for much time.