Marketing Firm vs. Agency

Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all game. Many nuances can affect how you approach your target audience, and which agency or marketing firm you partner with to help you achieve this goal. It’s important to understand the pros and cons of each option before making a final decision. Both marketing firms and marketing agencies offer their clients a range of services, but there are subtle differences between them.

Deciding whether you want to work with one team for all your marketing needs, or multiple expert specialists for individual tasks will help you decide whether you want the services of Klaviyo email marketing agency. Some fundamental questions will help you decide which type of firm is right for your company’s goals and structure.

What is a Marketing Firm?

A marketing firm is a company that provides a specific range of marketing services to other businesses. They tend to specialize in only a few marketing areas, rather than offering a comprehensive list of services. They might specialize in email campaigns, lead generation funnels, or SEO. This hyper-focus gives them the ability to ensure they retain experts on staff who can provide you with high-quality results because they’re not stretched too thin doing many different kinds of projects. 

Advantages of Working With a Marketing Firm

While marketing firms tend to be smaller than agencies, this can be beneficial for your eCommerce business in several ways. You’re likely to work directly with their specialists, so you’ll get personalized service. And they will likely have more flexibility to develop individualized plans for your business’ success. Marketing firms are also well-suited to developing and implementing focused marketing strategies, for email, social media, etc. Agencies tend to be better at handling big-picture marketing.

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Disadvantages of Working With a Marketing Firm

Because marketing firms are smaller than agencies, they usually can’t offer as wide a range of services. They aren’t equipped to handle everything. With fewer experts on staff than an agency, you may trade quantity for quality. 

Before you hire an outside marketing firm, make sure you understand what types of services they offer, and if they’re a good fit for your needs. You’ll also need to stay involved to ensure your overall marketing strategy is cohesive when working with multiple firms with different specialties. Spreading out the email, content development, and social media marketing aspects between different firms can be challenging when all the pieces need to work together.

What is a Marketing Agency?

Marketing agencies offer you the ability to develop and implement omnichannel marketing strategies with one partner. As a whole, they don’t specialize in one area. Instead, they offer more full-service options through a team of specialists or experts who can collaborate to help you reach your goals. 

You might think of an agency operating similar to a department store. Each person has their focus and responsibilities related to their specialty. They may even target different demographics. But they all work under the company’s brand to provide one cohesive experience. Together, they offer you the ability to choose from a wide variety of services and standardized approaches to your marketing.

Advantages of Working With a Marketing Agency

One of the biggest advantages of working with a marketing agency is that they can focus on the big picture. And, if you want to be able to delegate your marketing strategies off your plate almost completely, agencies are ideal. They often offer nearly identical solutions to every client, so the pricing and service packages are clear.

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Disadvantages of Working With a Marketing Agency

Because marketing agencies are often larger than firms, that means you won’t get the same level of personalized service. And because they often rely on set service packages, you’re unlikely to get the same degree of flexibility you’ll find with a marketing firm. The methods they use to streamline their process and keep projects profitable can also mean it’s more difficult to innovate customized solutions. 

Bottom line

If you’re considering hiring outside experts to handle your marketing needs, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each option before making a final decision. Marketing firms offer a more narrow range of services than an agency would, but this can result in higher quality work. But an agency may be a better fit for your company if you need well-rounded support and don’t have anyone in-house to manage your overall marketing strategy. 

Either option can provide you with the results you need for your eCommerce business. When deciding which company to work with, approach it like a partnership. For yours to be successful, everyone needs to have aligned expectations on how you’ll work together. At the end of the day, it’s most important to see if the range of services they offer will meet your needs. That’s far more important than the name.

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